Leiweke To Dynamo: Go Get Yourself A Big DP Next Year

Leiweke To Dynamo: Go Get Yourself A Big DP Next Year

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 24, 2010
  • Designated Player

Nothing like being a tad bit late to the party huh? Tim Leiweke, the president and CEO of majority ownership group AEG which co-owns the Houston Dynamo told the club that next year they have the green light to get a big name for one of their Designated Player slots.

I say they are a tad late because they did nothing this year in terms of spending money on big talent and instead lost guys like Ricardo Clark and Stuart Holden. Now the Dynamo are near the bottom in the west and face a tall task of leaping over several clubs to get into the playoffs this season. A big addition this year instead of next would have made plenty of sense but hey at least they’re doing something.

Leiweke’s comments to Houston coach Dominic Kinnear and COO Chris Canetti were interesting. He basically said to the two, go big or don’t go at all.

“Both Dom and Chris have been given the assurances from ownership that we are prepared to go out and find a significant player for the Dynamo next year,” Leiweke said.

“From a business standpoint, the only thing I’ve asked Chris and Dom to do is don’t dip your toe in the water,” Leiweke added. “If you are going, go big. I don’t believe in halfway, and there is a commitment amongst all our partners to make it a significant player that moves the needle from a business standpoint, fan standpoint, as well as on the pitch.”

I think its pretty cool to hear that he wants Houston to go big here for a DP. Obviously their first try at the DP game was a bust in Luis Angel Landin. What’s good for them is that they don’t need a big name to fill the seats in the stadium just yet either but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to start selling out more before they move into a new stadium.

But getting a big name won’t be easy and it may not happen in January.

“It has to be a dramatic player that has a huge impact on winning games and gives us a competitive edge here. They are hard to find, a lot of mistakes may be made if you don’t find the right player, and it’s probably a player that doesn’t come in the January window,” said Leiweke.

Seeing AEG put money into the Dynamo like this has to be a positive thing for the club and the fans there in Houston. Something they do deserve.

So who does the Dynamo go after? I’d love to see a Michael Ballack or someone like that in MLS but honestly I’d hope they go younger for the DP. I know younger didn’t work out the first time but if they are smart about who they get it could be a really good year for them next year. Obviously the needs at striker are big for the club too so I’d expect they’ll sign another forward to compliment Brian Ching.

What do you all think? Who should the Dynamo go for?


  • Aug 25 2010
Ummm... didn't Houston attempt this with the Landin signing? Big bust.
Chris Wimmer
  • Aug 26 2010
Why not 2 DP's? MLS has allowed for the possibility of teams having up to 3 DP's. Revenue is key and top level players in their prime will increase ticket sales as well as help teams like the Dynamo win more games and become even more competative in MLS as well as CONCACAF tournaments. We in DC sure do miss Leiweke.
Drew Epperley
  • Aug 26 2010
I doubt Houston will get more than one unless the other part-owners (Oscar de la Hoya) pony up the cash for one. But if they play their cards right this time around they'll get one that be enough for them. Outside of NY, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto and maybe Philly or Vancouver next year...I don't see many clubs going for multiple DPs just yet.