Bradley Shows Interest In Villa Job

Bradley Shows Interest In Villa Job

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 22, 2010
  • Aston Villa, Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley shows interesting in the coaching job at Aston VIlla.

Its a back and forth thing with Bob Bradley right now. Either there is interest in him or he shows interest in something, whether it be the US National team or the current opening at EPL side Aston Villa.

This morning reports suggest the US boss is indeed interested in the Villa job.

“I think Aston Villa is a massive club with great history and a great following and those type of opportunities would of course be of interest,” Bradley toldĀ BBC Radio Five Live.

“I would certainly be honoured to have that conversation but I’m impressed with the way things have been handled so far and we’ll see what the future holds.”

The 52-year old coach hasn’t had any formal discussions with the Villa owners but is interested in having a meeting with them.

This report comes after a few days of silence out of the US and Bradley camps. A week or so ago there were several reports saying he was either done with the US or was moving on to England with Villa. None of those reports have turned out to be true just yet but it set off a flurry of bloggers and writers getting into it with one another on the topic.

I still believe Bradley won’t be back with the US for the next World Cup cycle but I’m also not so sure if going to England is the right move for him at this stage. Its a wait and see kind of thing right now as his contract runs through to the end of this year. There had been talks that he would be brought back for another World Cup cycle or at least a two year deal that would get him through the next Gold Cup.

Do you think Bradley’s interest in Villa will help get him the job or will he remain the coach here in the US?

  • Think Bradley is currently in a daze of confusion… he seemingly needs time to figure things out and yet time is working against him. Good luck to him, because atleast he brought the US team to a respectable level of recognition and respect on the International Soccer scene… that legacy is irreversible!!!

  • kfly

    Well, I was hoping to see him come turn DCU around, but hey, as long as he’s not with the Nats, I’m fine with it.