MLS Now 3-For-3 In CCL Play

MLS Now 3-For-3 In CCL Play

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 19, 2010
  • 2010/11 CCL

Its something we haven’t seen before or at least haven’t seen in a very long time. MLS clubs doing well in CONCACAF competitions, at home no less. It seems like an annual thing around the blogging world to start complaining about a MLS team dropping valuable Champions League points at home.

But not this year. So far in three group stage games all three MLS clubs that have played won their games, and deservingly so too. RSL made us a little nervous last night with their last penalty kick winner over Panamanian side Arabe Unido, but seeing Alvaro Saborio step up to the spot and hammer home the game-winner you knew it was a special night for the league.

RSL deserved to win the game and so did Columbus and Toronto in their respective games. Seattle has a chance to make it 4-for-4 for MLS clubs tonight when the Sounders head to Honduras to face Marathon. No easy task there for the Sounders but should they even edge out a draw on the road I’d be happy.

Next week won’t be easy for these sides though as most of them take to the road. RSL and Columbus have the fun task of heading down to Mexico to play Cruz Azul and Santos┬árespectively. Toronto heads to Panama to face Arabe Unido.

Even with this nice start we can’t get too excited here. This competition has a long way to go but if this trend continues for the MLS clubs involved we could be very pleased with how this year’s tournament plays out.

  • ajr

    Arabe Unido should never be allowed to play in CCL agian

  • omar