Whitecaps and Timbers Taking Shape

Whitecaps and Timbers Taking Shape

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 18, 2010

The Vancouver Whitecaps were expected to announce which player acquisition mechanism they would choose first this week but both teams decided today to push the announcement back until next Monday.

Vancouver won a coin toss back at the MLS All-Star game to determine which draft they’d pick first in, the MLS SuperDraft in January or the expansion draft in November.

The club also announced today the signing of former Everton midfielder Cody Arnoux, a Wake Forest product that left college early to play in Europe instead of MLS. This signing along with a couple others show exactly how the Whitecaps are getting ready for next year. Vancouver has brought in plenty of young talent to compete on the field this year.

Now just because he signed with the Whitecaps today doesn’t exactly mean he’ll be with them next year in MLS. According to folks around the league, Arnoux will likely be placed in a weighted lottery or the 2011 MLS SuperDraft. The reasoning behind it is because in this player’s case he is looked at as a high-profile MLS prospect and one that would have easily been a top draft pick in this past year’s draft.

Vancouver will likely have the decision to take him at number 1 or 2 come January if he gets places into the draft, which I bet he will. The league isn’t wanting either Portland or Vancouver to stock-pile their roster with talent ahead of their expansion season.

I know some folks won’t like or even get why MLS doesn’t allow Vancouver to sign him to their MLS club for next year right now but basically they are trying to keep the playing field as level as possible for the clubs already in the league. You don’t want a new club like the three coming from the USSF Division 2 to be able to sign a lot of young talents when there are rules already in place for how the league handles such signings. Its a bit screwy but its fair.

Now which way do I see Vancouver going in their selection come next week? I see them taking the top billing in the expansion draft. Such a small hunch but its really a toss up for the club. Either you get talent that is already league-ready or you get young talent to develop.

  • mao

    I would be shocked if Vancouver took the Expansion Draft #1 instead of the SuperDraft. If they’re bringing all these young guys, most of whom they’ll have no claim to, wouldn’t they want to try them out this fall and then have their pick at no. 1? Mostly I’m talking about Salgado and Arnoux here, but anyone else too.

  • Sportguy66

    God forbid Vancouver, Portland and Montreal should do anything to elevate the current level of play in MLS…