WVH Power Rankings: Week 20

WVH Power Rankings: Week 20

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 17, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 20, MLS Power Rankings

The Power Rankings return for another week here at WVHooligan. Not a whole lot of changes from last week as some draws kept teams in their place while only a couple teams saw any change at all.

LA inched closer back to the top in my mind with their win in New York. I’d imagine once the Champions League gets underway this week for Toronto, Seattle, Salt Lake and Columbus we’ll start to see some dip in their league-play. Its only natural when you consider the roster issues with MLS clubs in international competition.

Right now in my mind its all LA and possibly even Dallas for the top spot in the league and out west. Neither have any extra games left to deal with in the US Open Cup or elsewhere. New York could be looped in that group but I’m still not sure that team will gel in time to make a serious enough run at the top spot in the league. Maybe just in the east.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 11-4-6 39 pts. Big week ended in a draw on the road and a tough win at home against Columbus. In all a good week for Jason Kreis’ club who are hoping to ride that momentum into the Champions League group play.
2 (2) 13-3-4 43 pts. Could we have bumped them up for the win in New York? Sure but the real test is coming up for them as they have to prove that they really are out of the little funk they got in.
3 (4) 8-2-9 33 pts. Tied now for the all-time league record for unbeaten games on the road, not to mention they now have a club record for unbeaten games in a row. I’d be willing to say the schedule sets this club up nicely to compete with LA more so than with RSL. Less distractions than RSL (and Columbus for that matter), all they have to do is continue this impressive form.
4 (3) 11-5-4 37 pts. No one ever does well in Salt Lake. Sure it was a loss but thankfully for the Crew they didn’t drop any ground over New York in the standings.
5 (5) 9-7-4 31 pts. Their win over Toronto was immediately over-shadowed by the loss to LA. Teams are gunning for New York now so anything less than what they did against Toronto won’t get the job done.
6 (6) 8-8-5 29 pts. Hard faught (no pun intended) draw with Chivas on Saturday. Still think draws do them no good at this point as they need to continue winning due to their lack of games at hand and the schedule conjestion ahead.
7 (7) 7-5-7 28 pts. A draw here and a draw there…just won’t cut it in September. This club has only one win since June.
8 (8) 7-7-5 26 pts. The loss on the road to New York seemed disappointing but really they never play well in New York.
9 (9) 5-5-6 21 pts. The weekend off gave this team time to gel again. Probably a good thing with all the new faces in town. Question is can they catch up in the east?
10 (11) 7-6-5 23 pts. Khari Stephenson looked good in his Quakes debut and now the club has their first DP in Brazilian Geovanni. Things are looking up at the right time again for Frank Yallop’s team.
11 (12) 6-9-3 21 pts. This team is holding together, but just barely. I have to wonder when the super glue that Steve Nicol has used lately will ware off.
12 (10) 5-9-5 20 pts. The loss on the road brought this team back down to earth a bit. They’re working hard but still lack that punch needed to get results.
13 (13) 5-10-4 19 pts. Ugly stuff from Mariano Trujillo at the end of the game against Seattle. He’ll be lucky not to be sitting out for a couple games after that nasty play against Leo Gonzalez.
14 (14) 4-10-5 17 pts. All the buzz is over Danny Mwanga right now and rightfully so but Peter Nowak’s team has to do better than draws at home. Playoff hopes are dashing away ever so quickly here.
15 (15) 5-10-5 20 pts. I was hoping to bring Dominic Kinnear’s side back up this week but another loss didn’t help their cause. At least Geoff Cameron is back and is looking healthy again. That’s a positive thing.
16 (16) 3-14-3 12 pts. Hey at least they keep pumping out quality academy talent right?