NCAA Changes Up Some Rules

NCAA Changes Up Some Rules

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 12, 2010

This my friends is a good change by the NCAA. In an email from a NCAA official to Washington Examiner reporter Craig Stouffer, the NCAA is making some positive changes for MLS academy players looking to go the college route.

“The new legislation allows prospective student-athletes who receive actual and necessary expenses only to remain eligible even if members of the same team received more than actual and necessary expenses. The legislation applies to prospective student-athletes who initially enroll full time on or after Aug 1, 2010.”

Essentially it means players going through the academy system can practice and even play with professionals in MLS reserve matches. Basically giving young players looking to go to college the chance to train with top-level players without hurting their NCAA chances.

That’s a big step forward considering they’ve never done a thing like this in the past (at least for soccer). Also it means we’ll likely see the college game improve a bit too as players can still go through the academy systems while getting a solid education.