Moving On From Bob

Moving On From Bob

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 11, 2010
  • Bob Bradley

Its been fun Bob, but its time to go. (Getty Images)

The result last night wasn’t great, 2-0 against a young and hungry Brazilian squad looking to show off for their new boss. The US put out a typical squad, one that was mostly there at the World Cup a couple months ago and one that could very well be the last that Bob Bradley puts together.

I won’t go into the game because really the friendly was pretty worthless for the US’s standpoint. The team had a day or so to get ready for it together, which isn’t nearly enough time no matter who you are facing. A few of the players like Landon Donovan have barely had a moment to rest since returning from South Africa so I’m sure the legs on some of these guys weren’t great.

Plus it was freakin’ Brazil. Had we faced the team that failed to get past the quarterfinals for the second straight World Cup then maybe the 2-0 loss would have felt worse to me this morning. But really this was a younger and more exciting Brazil and the result could have easily been worse.

But now the focus is all back on Bob Bradley, where he didn’t want it in the first place. Most expect this to be his last game as the head coach of the US team. Probably so as I can’t see the USSF re-doing his contract after last night. No, last night’s game wasn’t the total reason for that comment but it probably added to the list of reasons in their minds why he won’t be back for another World Cup cycle.

The US does need to move on from Bradley. I see that more than ever even though I’ve been one of his bigger fans out there. I knew all along he wouldn’t be back for the next World Cup but a part of me wanted to see it happen.

I’ve seen a lot of talk this morning about who the US needs to go to for their next coach.Yes the name Jurgen Klinsmann has been thrown out several million times and that’s fine.

The US needs a coach that first understands the US system as a whole. From youth levels and their issues to academies that are getting better in the MLS system, to the college system and finally to the pro levels with Major League Soccer. Understanding things from top to bottom and linking them up nicely won’t be easy but getting someone who can do that will definitely see success. Progressing the game on all levels is absolutely key for the next coach.

Is Klinsmann the answer? We’ll find out. Maybe there is someone else out there that would be an ever better fit. Someone under our nose even.

I’m just glad we’re able to debate these sort of things now days. Its like a “look how far we’ve come” sort-of-thing. Even 10 years ago I doubt we would have thought about our next US coach this much. I think only better things are coming for US soccer in terms of the coaching. The player levels have risen over the last decade and soon enough I believe the coaching levels will match it and we’ll see this thing really take off.

  • WSW

    Dude the source is the development of soccer in this country, Start by clubs having their own academies then move on from there a strong and stable D2, so our youth have incentive to play in lower leagues instead of college.

  • Not only is a new coach understanding the domestic set up critical, but I think it’s crucial that whoever takes the ropes understands the changes we’re undergoing, such as the D2 shake up WSW mentions and the evolution of youth development. “The US is different” has been an argument for a long time now for people who support Arena/Bradley proteges as national team coach, but I think we’re getting more in line with the rest of the world in how we develop our young talent. It’ll be a lot to stay on top of for anyone.

    Also agree it’s time for Bradley to go, and with his name being linked from time to time with foreign jobs, I think both he and the USSF should seize the opportunity to split amicably. Who knows, BB could coach abroad for four years, improve, and be a viable candidate for a second tenure as head coach.