WVH Power Rankings: Week 19

WVH Power Rankings: Week 19

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 10, 2010
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Another week is in the books and as the playoff race heats up the order the rankings starts to take a different shape. The top of the order largely remains the same while the middle and bottom continue to fluctuate from week-to-week.

Some fans won’t be happy that I haven’t bumped FC Dallas to the top just yet. While I think they’ve been the best side lately I still have my reservations about them as the top team in the league right now as a whole. I still feel that nod is a little above them though they are coming very close. Hard to not see their two losses and think they deserve a higher ranking, if they keep winning they’ll certainly be there soon enough.

Now things in the middle do continue to move. Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, Colorado and Kansas City continue to make things interesting. Though I do feel that KC and possibly even San Jose’s efforts won’t be enough but they will make it interesting for sure. Still a lot to play for though.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 10-4-5 35 pts. Gutted out a draw on the road against an up and coming Wizards squad. Its that kind of gritty play that will help get them closer to LA.
2 (2) 12-3-4 40 pts. Sent Clint Mathis off in style but now its back to business and breaking the apparenty funk that they’ve been in. They should be able to regain the mojo they had a few weeks ago. A big time match with New York this weekend will prove a thing or two.
3 (3) 11-4-4 37 pts. Bounced back yet again with another strong win on the road.
4 (4) 7-2-9 30 pts. Best team of the past month and a half is Dallas. They haven’t lost since May and if Jeff Cunningham is actually back they could be in for a wild run that could make the western race a little more interesting.
5 (5) 8-6-4 28 pts. Their new stars looked a bit gassed against Chicago but that was expected. Once their fitness regains form this club will be tough to beat. I’ll continue to say though that their defense worries me, even with Rafa Marquez.
6 (6) 8-8-4 28 pts. They’ve seemingly turned their season around in a hurry and Fredy Montero is on impressive form. They’re playing as well as anyone in the league right now.
7 (7) 7-5-5 26 pts. Sometimes the luck of the bounce helps a club, let’s just see if that gift from Jon Busch really helps lift them up any further.
8 (9) 7-6-5 26 pts. Preki wins the battle with his former club. Now if they can only find a way to get results on the road like this one at home.
9 (8) 5-5-6 21 pts. Defensively this club will only get better with Segares back on the field. But can their two DPs gel together and make this into what many believe could be something special?
10 (12) 5-8-5 20 pts. They’ve looked better these last couple weeks but boy did they cough up two points against RSL. No doubt they needed those two points in a big way.
11 (10) 6-6-5 23 pts. Frank Yallop’s team looked confident two months ago but now they look lost and a bit like the team we thought they’d be to start the year, just an average side.
12 (14) 5-9-3 18 pts. The Revs are showing signs of life, guess that’s what SuperLiga does for them. Still a long way to go for Steve Nicol’s side but every little bit helps.
13 (11) 5-10-3 18 pts. Awful finishing in Toronto doomed them. Justin Bruan is good but when you miss open chances the way he does you begin to question things. They now join the doubt-digit loss club on the season, not a fun bunch to be in.
14 (15) 4-10-3 15 pts. Uncky against Columbus and just ugly in Dallas with keepers bobbling goals and mistakes costing them left and right.
15 (13) 5-9-5 20 pts. The Dynamo drop continues after another poor outing on the road. One bright spot is seeing Geoff Cameron back but I don’t think he can even save this season from the dumps.
16 (16) 3-13-3 12 pts. Firing Curt Onalfo doesn’t do that much when the roster still looks the way it does. Doubt Ben Olsen will be able to make much more sense of things unless they finally bring in quality talent for a change.


  • Aug 10 2010
New york have only won one game since June 26th and it wasn't even a league game, meanwhile Seattle have won 4 of 4 and that's not even counting their non-league games, so I'd put Seattle above New York , that's my only change but I guess we'll see this week with New York playing 2 tough games.
  • Aug 10 2010
Believe me, I came very close to doing that. I mainly wanted to see how this week went for NY before I bumped them up or down any...I'd say most people would put them at four or five right now.
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  • Aug 11 2010
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