2011 SuperDraft: Early Look at new College Season

2011 SuperDraft: Early Look at new College Season

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 9, 2010
  • 2011 MLS SuperDraft

Darlington Nagbe. (Akron)

Its hard to believe it but kids around the country are closing out their summers and are about to head back to school. That means the college soccer season is upon us too. Once again there are plenty of excellent guys to look at for the upcoming season and even further down the road at the 2011 MLS SuperDraft next January.

I felt today was a good day to get a head start on this as you know I spend a decent amount of time on the SuperDraft each year. Below are a short list of names to keep an eye out this coming season and into the winter months before the draft. Now some of these guys may or may not go the MLS route after this year but if we’re lucky the recent trend of quality soccer players coming into MLS will continue next year.

For this look-in I’ll go team-by-team as some schools have more than one player to look at here. I hope to have another list up in the coming weeks to continue on in this. If you think I missed someone feel free to leave their name below (I do have a fairly large list of guys to talk about this season so I’ll eventually get to most of them).


Kofi Sarkodie: There’s a slight chance that Sarkodie may go to Europe but believe me if this kid stays in school and goes the MLS route after this season we’ll all be better for it. He helps anchor one of the best defenses in college soccer. A few teams would be lucky to get a defender like this on their roster next year.

Darlington Nagbe: This forward probably could have gone to MLS after last year but he elected to stay in school. Probably a good thing too if he has another stellar season for the Zips. Expect him to be the main scorer this year for Akron.

Anthony Ampaipitakwong: Don’t ask me to pronounce his last name here. He like Nagbe could have gone pro last season, more than likely he will be the driving force of the Akron midfield this season. He has all the tools to lead Akron to another Final Four.

Zarek Valentin: Some will know this defender from the U-20 national side that just won the Milk Cup, others will know him as the brother of former MLSer Julian Valentin. He’s a key player in the back for Akron and he also knows his way forward in the attack.

North Carolina

Billy Schuler: If you read my college stuff last year going into the draft you know I’m a big fan of this kid. He was steller in the College Cup last year and he’ll be a big reason why UNC will be in the mix of things this season. Look for a lot of buzz around this striker this season.

Michael Farfan: Another Tar Heel I’m a big fan of. This kid is the real deal for them. Five goals and four assists last year don’t seem like much but I expect him to improve those numbers in a big way in 2010.


Zac MacMath: Looking for the next quality keeper in the country, look no further than MacMath. Most will know him from the U-20s while college soccer fans already know a great deal about him. If he comes out after this season he’ll easily be the first keeper taken in my eyes.

Ethan White: Another U-20 star for Maryland. He’s the kind of defender I’d like to have on my team. Quick, tough and able to do all the little things right in your defensive third.


Will Bates: The sophomore is a class-act up top for the Cavs. Expect him to have a big season this year.

Notre Dame

Dillion Powers: He captained the U-20s to the Milk Cup title, look for him to lead the Irish this season. This kid is exactly the kind of talent you want to see in MLS in the midfield. He’s a leader with such a good soccer-IQ.

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  • Aug 10 2010
As a DCU fan, I'm not even sure which position we need to address most direly. We've given up the most and scored the least goals in the league, and our midfield sucks. The only position that's relatively secure is goalkeeper, but that's only because we have a talented 19-year-old who is playing with all the confidence in the world right not, but who will be very subject to slumps and mentality-induced cold streaks in the future that a veteran not named Troy Perkins would be immune to. We have a solid back four if everyone's healthy, but we're never healthy, so perhaps we should take Sarkodie to pair with Jakovic and form one of the league's best young CB tandems.

On the other hand, the offense is absolutely futile, and if we can find an instant-impact guy like Mwanga, that would be a good route too. Hernandez has looked promising, but isn't a goalscorer; he'd be an ideal supporting striker if we ran a 4-4-1-1, with a proven goalscorer (aka our new draft pick, because we certainly don't have anyone on the current roster who fits the description except number 99, who's 36 and will most certainly be retiring at the conclusion of this pitiful year) up top.

On the hypothetical third hand (I guess the guy with the hands is a 3-armed robot or alien? Whatever, details matter very little when speaking hypothetically), we need some offense through the midfield, as all of our options (Quaranta, Pontius, Wallace, Boskovic, etc) seem to have dried up. Simms is a damn good holding middie, so we're set there. The problem is we have too many decent guys who'd be serviceable on a roster with a couple of creative players or stars like JPA, GBS, Morales, Donovan, etc. However, we have no stars to bring out the best in them. Hell, we don't even have any above-average players at this point, besides Najar, but do we really want to burden a 17-year-old with the bulk of our offensive output? I don't think we do.

My point in all of this? Let's just draft someone fantastic and build around them for the next few seasons. Life right now is dismal, but maybe we can sign someone good and draft well, and end up back on top in a few seasons. Like New York. God, I hate being jealous of the Pink Cows. It's degrading.