Impact of Inter Milan For Dallas

Impact of Inter Milan For Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 5, 2010
  • Inter Milan, International Friendlies, Pizza Hut Park

Inter Milan is bringing a full star-studded squad to Dallas tonight. (Getty Images)

Tonight is a pretty big deal for FC Dallas. They host the UEFA Champions League winners from Italy, Inter Milan at Pizza Hut Park. This is easily the biggest friendly in the club’s history and definitely the biggest match PHP has hosted (excluding two MLS Cups of course).

The match is only a friendly but as we’ve seen for other clubs around the league hosting friendlies this year the impact could be greater for the future if all goes well.

Take a look at some numbers Buzz Carrick posted earlier this week on this game. He is saying it costs the club close to a million dollars to host a club like Inter Milan. That’s a the club going for a high risk-high reward kind of game here. Something the Hunts and FC Dallas rarely do.

Carrick said most clubs the team has brought in the past were Mexican and South American clubs that typically cost a lot less to host. A team like Inter however requires a little more to do it.

Kansas City saw some success this summer after hosting Manchester United at Arrowhead Stadium. The cost of hosting Manchester United was high but in the end it really helped the club moving forward in getting new fans and more importantly new season ticket holders for their new stadium next season.

Dallas is hoping to do a similar thing with tonight’s game. The thing is one has to wonder if a European club like Inter can actually sell out Pizza Hut Park. In theory they should but a weeknight game in Frisco is always a dangerous thing to play against. Should the club actually sell out the stadium (not just say they do and really have 10,000 there tonight) then we can expect more big games like this in Frisco.

There has been a question as to why the game isn’t at the new Cowboys Stadium. Its simple, it just wouldn’t draw and make enough money there. The stadium is too large for a MLS club to draw well against a team like Inter and down here I don’t believe Inter has enough pull to fill a stadium like Manchester United. Now had it been Inter against say Club America then it would have easily been there.

But on the flip side if the crowd doesn’t show up it will be back to the cheaper Mexican and South American sides for FCD at PHP.

So tonight its all about taking risks for FC Dallas. I know the club is pulling out all the stops for this game and are really treating it like a big event. Its good to see the club take a friendly like this serious (off the field speaking). I have my doubts about it being full tonight but this club has had a way of surprising me this season.

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    I wish I could make it but can't get off. I'm hearing it's close to a sell out. I hope for a good game with no injuries!!