Garber Inks New 4-Year Deal

Garber Inks New 4-Year Deal

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 2, 2010
  • Don Garber

Don Garber signed a new deal for four-years. (Getty Images)

This new may have been partly lost back in the winter when we were all discussing a new CBA but there was once some talk of MLS commissioner Don Garber getting a new deal. An expensive one. Well, today that deal has been finalized.

Some will never like the guy but as we’re close to the eve of the date he was hired back in 1999 we have to mostly agree that the league would not be the same without him. (Garber took the position back on August 4, 1999.)

Back when he was hired the league was at 12 clubs and was struggling at the bank, on the field and all over. A couple years later two teams folded and most thought we were all doomed to lose the top flight league here in the country. But with Garber and the help of a couple really rich dudes the league stayed afloat and is better than ever today with 16 clubs (soon to be 19).

These next four years won’t be easy either. The expanding Designated Player rule will continue to be discussed as the parity in the league dips down (at least we assume it will if a hand-full of clubs buy three DPs a piece), securing better TV contracts, handling struggling markets, and whatever else pops up. But with the growth in youth development through the league and potential new markets to cash in next year and in 2012, Garber is still the right man to lead the charge.

Like him or hate him he is helping guide the league into a new territory, respect around the world. At the end of the day that’s something to be happy about.