Time For Freddy To Return Home

Time For Freddy To Return Home

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 30, 2010
  • Freddy Adu

If you saw this news this morning that Freddy Adu won’t be headed to Switzerland to play for FC Sion then the thought had to have popped into your head (for me it was the third or forth time this has happened). Its time for the once prized teenager to return home to Major League Soccer.

In four years since he left MLS to go to Europe he’s played for four clubs, in three countries, and has only seen action on the field 47 times in those four years. I’m no math wiz but that averages out to close to 12 games a year for Adu. Yes he’s averaged almost 12 games a year since his move to Europe in 2007.

Its all about development for a young player like Adu and quite honest he hasn’t been able to develop any more in Europe than what he did in his time in MLS. Its a shame too for a kid that had or still has so much potential in the game. He’s still only 21-years young right now. Some say its attitude on his part, which is probably true. If you were told you were the next best thing since Pele you’d have an ego too.

The thing is by now Adu has no reason to have such an ego.

There has to be at least one or two clubs that would take him back right now too. I’m sure in his mind he’s still worth a big contract if he were to come back to MLS which may be a reason why no one is mentioning a return for him at this point. Plus he’s gotta get out of his current contract with Benfica who at the end of the day still technically owns him even though they’ve loaned him out to half of Europe. Its time for him to swallow his pride and get out of his current deal to come home though.

Would you take him back at this point or is his ego and lack of playing time over the last couple years not worth it?


  • Jul 30 2010
Couldn't agree more. This is getting embarrassing and slightly bizarre in his Quixotian quest to make it in Europe. I'm not sure if his agent is still Max Eisenbud but that guy should make a return to US soil happen now. Even though he's not the player he was purported to be, the Adu brand still has some cache that the MLS can exploit. Also, if Bradley stays on as USMNT coach, we know his proclivity to give MLS players much more rope in proving themselves. Freddy should see that his best chance to make the 2014 team is to play stateside.
  • Jul 30 2010
Only one place for him to go...Houston. I could definitely see a good coach like Dom Kinnear bringing a lot out of Adu. I could see him thriving in system where he could roam and be free to create alongside a guy like Ching. Also with his work ethic in question, why not send him to a coach who would make him work hard and practice, but is still seen as a player's coach.
  • Jul 30 2010
He would be returning as an additional player on a roster with no certain playing time; certainly NOT a star to count on. Probably a $60-70K player. Can he handle all of that? He needs to prove he's worth anything and he never has. He was a sub when he left MLS.