Time For A Futures Game?

Time For A Futures Game?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 29, 2010
  • All-Star Game, MLS Academies

A Futures Game would help grow the league's academies. (Photo via Houston Dynamo)

Around all the All-Star events there is something missing now for Major League Soccer’s summer showcase, a Futures Game.

Think about it, even with the league being as young as it is and the team’s academies being even younger the time is now to start showcasing those kids at least once a year outside of the SUM Cup.

With guys like Andy Najar, Bryan Leyva, Bill Hamid, Tristan Bowen others coming through their respective academies to the professional ranks its time that we show off the next wave of the future in the league.

I’m not saying this game needs to be on ESPN2 with the main All-Star game but why not on ESPNU or something like that to broadcast it? Get the best of the academies players and split them up by their club’s conference alignment, the old East vs West if you will. Plus it gets their academies out there more to the general public which helps grow the sport and the league.

Its an idea, one the league definitely needs to look at going forward. What do you think?

(H/T to The New York Times’ Jack Bell for putting the idea in my head over on Twitter)


  • Jul 29 2010
Expand the roster size or return the reserve league to do this.
  • Jul 29 2010
Why? I'm talking showcasing academy players in this, not reserves that are already in the league. There's no need for those two things if you're only using academy players.
  • Jul 29 2010
Great idea.