WVH Power Rankings: Week 17

WVH Power Rankings: Week 17

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 27, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 17, MLS Power Rankings

Its Tuesday so that means it is time once again to close out another week with the weekly MLS Power Rankings. With another short week in MLS the movement wasn’t too great though a couple teams found ways to be shifty.

I’ll keep the intro brief too. Feel free to comment on these rankings below.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 12-2-4 40 pts. Starting to show signs of slowing down here or are teams finally figuring them out? Either way they still aren’t losing.
2 (2) 10-3-4 34 pts. Second team to join the 10 win club on the year. They did so in dominating fashion over Houston.
3 (3) 9-4-4 31 pts. A draw at home to Chivas nearly feels like a loss to me for this bunch.
4 (4) 6-2-8 26 pts. Not their best showing in BMO Field but Schellas Hyndman is still undefeated there, not a bad thing if you ask me.
5 (5) 8-6-2 26 pts. Looked good in the local challenge against Manchester City and for a little bit against Tottenham. Their offense may come alive but boy does their defense still worry the heck out of me.
6 (7) 6-5-5 23 pts. The Rapids and Red keep swapping spots for me. The draw may feel like a loss to some but the important thing to note is how close TFC is to New York in the standings. An automatic playoff bid isn’t that far off now.
7 (6) 6-5-5 23 pts. They couldn’t handle Steve Zakuani on the wings, which is exactly how you beat this team.
8 (8) 6-4-5 23 pts. Solid showing in LA but for some reason I’m having trouble moving them up due to that late goal they let Landon Donovan have last Thursday.
9 (11) 6-8-4 22 pts. Some signs of life are starting to show in Seattle again, thanks in large part to the absense of Freddie Ljungberg. Hard to believe they are a point off the playoff pace right now.
10 (10) 4-5-5 17 pts. Starting to make some moves by trading away Justin Mapp yesterday. I like where this club is headed but I do worry it could be too little too late for them.
11 (9) 5-7-4 19 pts. Ugly showing in Columbus by the Dynamo. Tally Hall comes up with the biggest keeper gaff of the season.
12 (12) 4-9-2 14 pts. Heard a crazy rumor that they wanted to trade Shalrie Joseph to NY this week. I don’t think the Revs would stand a chance if they traded him away.
13 (15) 4-9-3 15 pts. Don’t be too shocked if this Chivas squad starts to look more interesting in the coming weeks. With all the moves they made they could easily make things more interesting in an already crowded west.
14 (13) 4-8-4 16 pts. Great showing against Manchester United, the win was cool but the crowd at Arrowhead was amazing.
15 (14) 4-8-2 14 pts. Another team we can be happy about against the likes of ManU and Celtic in the recent run of friendlies. Let’s hope it translates to better showings in MLS play though.
16 (16) 3-11-3 12 pts. They beat arguably the worst English side in a friendly this week. I guess that counts for something right?