New Wizards Stadium Ad

New Wizards Stadium Ad

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 26, 2010
  • Kei Kamara, Teal Bunbury, Wizards Stadium

I love a good ad like this. With all the buzz in Kansas City yesterday as the Wizards beat Manchester United, let’s hope some folks that went to that game were able to take some time to see the new venue (yeah I’m totally unaware of where Arrowhead is in relationship to the new venue!). This new stadium is going up super fast though, any chance it will be ready for next season?! Let’s hope.

(H/T to SF posting this and a couple KC folks for emailing me the link)


Eric Howell
  • Jul 26 2010
Stadiums are about 40 miles apart. Arrowhead is on east side at I-70 & I-435 in Missouri and new wizards stadium is at I-70 & I-435 in Kansas (I-435 loops around KC)
The new stadium has a major completion date of June as of right now.
  • Jul 26 2010
Good to know. Thanks Eric.
KC fan
  • Jul 26 2010
The ad is for people to be aware that the stadium WILL be ready next season.....
  • Jul 26 2010
I'm glad they're advertising; hopefully they'll start drawing some crowds. I really wish this team would move to St. Louis (sorry, KC fans, but there's almost no support and your mascot is the Wizards), but getting a great new stadium is a good second option. Congrats, from a very woeful and bitter DC United fan who's been waiting for the stadium we deserve for 15 years!