MLS Hot and Not: Midway Point

MLS Hot and Not: Midway Point

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 22, 2010
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The Major League Soccer All-Star break is next week and so the midway point of the season is more or less finally here. Only a couple teams have yet to play half of their season slate while the rest of the league is already in the second half of their season.

I felt it was a good time to bring back the Hot and Not list for the start of the second half of the year. A couple items flipped over from the last time around but we also have plenty of new additions both good and not so good.

Feel free to pick away at these and add your own below.

Sebastian Le Toux – His all-star like stats speak for themselves. You have to wonder how much Seattle misses him. Freddie Ljungberg – The honeymoon is over in Seattle and not the club and the DP are looking for the divcorce.
Schellas Hyndman – A couple months ago things didn’t look so promising but now it seems as though FC Dallas is hitting their stride and its mostly due to the patiences of their coach. Peter Vermes – Looked like a genius to start the season but his club continues to struggle in front of the goal. Only D.C. has scored fewer goals this year and KC’s total is slight shewed thanks to a 4 goal effort back in March. Throw that game out and they’ve scored 9 goals in 15 games.
Friendlies– Earlier in the year these games didn’t do much for me but the Manchester United game last night in Philly was excellent. Poor Refs in Friendlies – Who gives a red card in a friendly to a keeper? The Seattle-Celtic game went from being very good to disappointing in a flash. At least Sigi Schmid’s club stayed in the game and made it interesting.
Thierry Henry – He’s the big DP we all wanted for this year, how he handles himself on and off the field will greatly impact the league. David Beckham – If the Galaxy weren’t doing so well this year you’d think they’d be asking for a refund from Beckham. I know the injury wasn’t his fault but he’s hardly been seen this year with the club. For all that money you’d thing the league would get more out of him.
New York Red Bulls– I know in the past I’ve given the Red Bulls a lot of grief over certain things but they’re doing things right these days off the field. Their organization no longer looks like a laughing stock of the league. D.C. United – Hard to get excited about D.C. these days though. Almost feel sorry for this club but at least they have the US Open Cup to fall back on this season as something. They’re into the semifinals of that.
All-Star Snubs – Plenty of big names out there that deserved a nod this season to play ManU. With all the CCL games going on I’d expect some of them to end up in Houston next week. All-Star Game Scheduling – This one probably should have been brought up earlier this year but what a terrible timing for the All-Star game for a couple clubs. LA, Toronto and Seattle all have issues with getting their players to the game next week. Seattle can’t send anyone since they play the same night. Who goofed on scheduling things like this?
Andy Najar – Everyone is talking about this kid these days. Let’s just hope MLS and D.C. can hold on to him for a while. Ruben Luna – I know the talks are on-going in Dallas to sign this kid but Luna has been the academy star in the waiting for a while now. Dallas needs to finalize this deal sooner rather than later.
Revs and Dynamo in SuperLiga – There is something about this young tournament that brings out the best in these two clubs. Let’s just hope it carries over into the league play in a couple weeks too. SuperLiga – Going in it looked like MLS was doomed in this year’s edition but its turned out not to be the case. Still so much as to be done to make this tournament interesting for those not in New England or Houston.
SUM U-17 Cup – We finally have all 16 clubs participating in this tournament. Want to find the next Andy Najar or Tristan Bown, look no further than to this weekend’s tournament. Milk Cup – I’m not knocking the importance of this tournament, because it will show off the future of our national team. I’m just a tad more interested in the SUM Cup this year.
Sal Zizzo and Omar Salgado – We know Zizzo is now with Chivas and I’d imagine we’ll know soon enough where the 16-year old Salgado will end up with. Two great young additions to the league. Young stars still getting away – Zizzo and Salgado are nice but there are still plenty of other young American stars that are constantly getting away from MLS. Hopefully a new reserve league will change that in the near future.
World Cup buzz – It may not be the effect that MLS would be hoping for but the buzz of the World Cup is there in some different ways. I’ve spoken to many new fans of the game and of the league thanks to the World Cup. Attendance Number Lovers – I get a little tired of seeing folks go so nutty over gate figures. Gate numbers are up for different reasons so there really no reason to get so giddy over the figures as much as we used to here.