Rio Tinto Hosting Concerts

Rio Tinto Hosting Concerts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 21, 2010
  • Concerts, Paul McCartney, Rio Tinto Stadium

I gotta say, the folks who designed Rio Tinto Stadium got it right. Nailed it in fact. The way they do concerts there is genius for MLS-sized stadiums. Why? There isn’t a┬ápermanent┬ástage taking up room like at Crew Stadium, Pizza Hut Park and other stadiums around the league. It may be more work to do a concert like this one with Sir Paul McCartney but man does it ever look much better like this.

Kudos RSL. (and H/T to SF for posting this earlier)


  • Jul 21 2010
it is expensive to get the equipment in and out and last year with more concerts they left that stage in for several weeks during matches. It costs more to rent the heavy equipment than the revenue that can be made by the seats. But I love the process and it allows us to not have to deal with the stage for the full season. This is just a way cool time lapse clip.
  • Jul 21 2010
Except for the fact that the pull out the seats for supporters for the whole summer and make us all stand along the railing (no terraced) stage.

Its genius for RSL, its terrible for the supporters. Bad Report!