WVH Power Rankings: Week 16

WVH Power Rankings: Week 16

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 20, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 16, MLS Power Rankings

It was a friendly and SuperLiga filled week but there was still some movement after the few league games in week 16. The movement at the bottom continued to take place while the top is starting to get a little more interesting.

That top group of clubs (LA, Columbus, and Salt Lake) may be adding a forth before long. Yup, I’m talking FC Dallas folks as they are looking good right now. Sure some New York fans could make a case for the Red Bulls but those six losses on the year are starting to show a little more than Dallas’ seven draws. Only LA has as many losses as Dallas does right now (two) and Dallas is the only team right now on a bit of a hot streak in the league.

I think we can finally put D.C. United in last place for good now. This week showed a lot about where the club is truly at with their 10th and 11th losses of the year, both at home by the way. They had started to look a little decent for a few weeks but this week showed that they really have no chance at the playoffs this year.

As always feel free to pick these rankings apart.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 12-2-3 39 pts. It didn’t take long for the Galaxy to find their way again, games against D.C. this season will help you do that I suppose. My next question is why haven’t they already clinched a playoff spot yet? I’m no math wiz but aren’t they “in” already?
2 (3) 9-3-4 31 pts. Midweek loss at home could have bumped them down (espeically since it was against KC) but the 2-0 win over New York really made up for it.
3 (2) 9-4-3 30 pts. The 10-game unbeaten run is over as Dallas brought RSL back down to earth a bit.
4 (4) 6-2-7 25 pts. A slow start to the year is getting erased quickly by this recent run. Schellas Hyndman’s side is finally looking like the dark-horse I picked them to be at the start of the year.
5 (5) 8-6-2 26 pts. You have to wonder what Thierry Henry would have done against the Crew. The thing is I believe their defense has a lot more issues than we’re willing to admit here. Even with the amped up offense they still have cracks that will be exposed unless this 3rd DP fills them up.
6 (7) 6-4-5 23 pts. Colorado was mostly outplayed against KC but Conor Casey finally showed up and looked like the Casey we saw in 2009.
7 (6) 6-5-4 22 pts. Lost due to a late goal in Philadelphia. Preki still has some work to do with this bunch but they’re still playoff bound in my eyes.
8 (8) 6-4-4 22 pts. No league game this week but a scoreless draw to EPL buddy Tottenham looked pretty good for the Quakes.
9 (9) 5-7-4 19 pts. A win and a draw in SuperLiga looks alright, no doubt getting Joseph Ngwenya going on the scoresheet is a big time deal right now for then.
10 (10) 4-5-5 17 pts. Some like myself were hoping for Blanco but getting a young guy with lots to prove like Nery Castillo is huge for the club and the league. They need his offense too because boy have they ever stunk up the place in SuperLiga.
11 (14) 5-8-4 19 pts. Nice win in D.C. for the boys in green. Too bad the friendly on Sunday didn’t go better, that red card to keeper Terry Boss was a pretty crappy call.
12 (12) 4-9-2 14 pts. The Revs may be the one team in MLS that actually likes SuperLiga.
13 (16) 4-8-4 16 pts. Bounce back week for the Wizards, a big win in Columbus followed by a game they should have won in Colorado.
14 (15) 4-8-2 14 pts. Solid at home against Scottish giant Celtic and against Toronto. Sebastian Le Toux sees player of the week honors after the two wins as well.
15 (11) 4-9-2 14 pts. A hard bump down due to no league games and others around them doing well this week. I’m curious how the new blood does in MLS, so far in SuperLiga its been so-so.
16 (13) 3-11-3 12 pts. First team to double-digit losses this year. Pretty sure the best they can finish right now is 12th place…in other words they are done.