Fire Sign Castillo As DP

Fire Sign Castillo As DP

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 17, 2010
  • Designated Player

We heard late yesterday that the Chicago Fire were set to name a new Designated Player today. Rumors went around that the club would be bringing in two top named Mexican players but it turns out those rumors were only half true. The club is bringing in one man who can score goals, and lots of them.

That man is 26-year old striker Nery Castillo.

Sure the Chicago Fire and its fans probably did want Cuauhtemoc Blanco but instead they get someone who has a proven track record of scoring goals and lots of them is a lot younger.

Castillo enjoyed his best time with Olympiakos, but a big-money transfer to Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk has lead to goal-less stints with them, Manchester City and Dnipro. A lack of playing time also costed him a spot on the Mexican national side this summer in South Africa.

Some folks will dub this the best Mexican signing in league history while others are going to say its a fairly decent signing. No matter which way you look at it this is a pretty big coup for the league.

What do you make of this signing for the Fire? Like it or love it?


Sean Spence
  • Jul 18 2010
I hope this works out, because this is the kind of ballsy signing I'd like to see more of. On his game, he's the kind of attacking player that every team in the world would like to have. The upside is mind-blowing.

Of course the possible negatives also put you back a bit. It doesn't take a lot to tear up a locker-room on a team that isn't doing well, and this Fire team has started to get that pained ass-cramping expression on their faces - like they're hating the process of sucking but can't think of anything else to do. If Castillo doesn't play well, or is constantly injured, and turns out to be a world-class douche, oy.

I love the signing for both reasons, frankly. This Fire team has started to cool to room temperature; I want a reason to pay attention. Nery, good, bad or ugly, will be just the thing for that problem. Dale Fire!
  • Jul 18 2010
Just another reason to hate the Fire.