RSL Owner Gives Clues To Ronaldinho Signing With LA

RSL Owner Gives Clues To Ronaldinho Signing With LA

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 16, 2010

I suppose Major League Soccer has really evolved because now for once clubs are directly involved with the silly season or transfer season. Believe what you will during this time too as some rumors are crazy ones.

This one however may not be so crazy. Then again at this point I don’t know what to believe when it comes to Brazilian Ronaldinho and where he will go or if he will indeed stay with AC Milan.

Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts gave some hints last night that the former FIFA Player of the Year will indeed sign with Major League Soccer and the LA Galaxy. What?! A rival owner dropping hints like that on the radio?

“I expect, by the way, Major League Soccer to make another announcement in the next couple of days about another very big world superstar coming to our league – not to our team, I don’t want to mislead anybody. But another one of our teams is going to make a major investmentĀ  and that will be a big announcement in the next couple of days.

“I would imagine that this guy’s coming to L.A. and you’ll all recognize who he is,” revealed Checketts. When asked by the show’s hosts if the mystery player may be a certain Brazilian, Checketts responded coyly, “I think he might.”

Yeah Checketts doesn’t mention his name exactly but the hints are pretty obvious in the interview. But do we trust him as a source for this kind of news? Maybe, I would think a MLS owner would know of a rival club signing someone as big as Ronaldinho. You have to think with the way MLS is structured that the owners have a little bit of knowledge for really big signings like that.

The thing is Ronaldinho hasn’t mentioned LA as a possible destination in a while. Depending on what you read he’s going back to Brazil or he is staying with AC Milan. Maybe Checketts got it wrong when he spoke or maybe he’s thinking of some other Brazilian that we’re not talking about right now. Who really knows.

So believe what you will here, this could be another big deal with MLS or it could just be the silly season having it’s way with us yet again.

  • kfly

    The best team in the league gets one of the best players in the world? Yeah, that's great.

    Come to DCU! We need help.

  • Here's what Sky Sports says:

    AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has played down reports that Ronaldinho is set to move to Flamengo.

    The Brazilian media has claimed that the two-time World Player of the Year and Ballon d'Or has verbally agreed a return to South America and that talks are taking place with Milan.

    Flamengo president Patricia Amorim has also said that she met with the former Paris St Germain and Gremio forward in the past few days, but no official details have been released.

    Galliani, though, has dismissed suggestions that Ronaldinho, 30, will not see out the final year of his contract and claims that his future will only be discussed in the autumn.

    The San Siro supremo told Gazzetta dello Sport: “There are not any loopholes and Ronaldinho has never showed that he wants to leave.

    “There is a general agreement to consider his contract situation in the autumn.”

    I don't think Ronaldinho's coming to Los Angeles, particularly with the salary cap, unless 1)Donovan's salary doesn't count as a DP, having been “grandfathered” in 2) the Galaxy dumps Beckham, which they could do because he has lost all credibility and has been rendered superfluous as a player and a marketing agent.