The Other Markets

The Other Markets

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 15, 2010
  • MLS Expansion

I’ve held off on a MLS expansion piece for a while now. But this morning Jason Davis over at MatchFit USA got me thinking again. (Damn you Davis!) I figured it was time to revisit some markets and remind ourselves why some places just aren’t getting talked about here.

Davis talks this morning about San Diego and why that market has been “shutout” recently in MLS talks. When the TV ratings came out for several US World Cup games, the city that made Will Ferrell famous (at least in this writer’s eyes) had some massive numbers, better than some MLS cities.

Does that make San Diego a frontrunner for a MLS team? No. Not even close folks but it at least puts them back in the discussion. They, like may other markets have too many “ifs” surrounding them. You know what I’m talking about too; the right owner, a good stadium situation and a good core group of fans (think Sons of Ben or Timbers Army).┬áMost cities in the running right now have one but nothing else, or they have none at all.

Getting one without the others won’t be a successful bid either, just as having a deep pocketed owner sometimes isn’t good enough as well. And just when you think a city is a sure bet some things can change in a heart beat.

I view San Diego the same way I view cities like Miami, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tampa Bay. If the right situations happens I’m all for it but for now none really excite me enough to follow.

The thing is as much as we’d like these to be MLS towns most of them are no better than a D-2 town for the time being due to a lack of one or all of those ifs.

And its not like we’re ignoring these towns for the 20th spot in Major League Soccer, no its more like we’re finally being realistic about it. I think that’s the biggest reason why talks have cooled so much lately for MLS expansion. Once the league got Montreal into the fold they knew they had to seriously sit back and weigh every option a little closer for that next team. If the last five or so expansion bid tell us anything you need a lot to happen to make it work.

Like Davis said, if you want a team in your city pull a Sons of Ben approach. You just never know what will actually happen if you do.

  • Julio

    You are not excite, but we down here in Miami are. We have shown that South Florida loves soccer look at the TV numbers and we are on top of the GO USA Bid. Our MLS Miami Bid Season tickets dedication is doing great. Macelo Claure wants to Bring MLS to Miami and is looking for partners. We feel that we can and will support MLS. It's time Garber put a team in the Southeast and Miami is the best location.

    Miami Ultras

  • WSW

    Miami shut up…you don't even have a huge supporter base for D2. and you draw around 1,200 per game and were is the passion.

    In Tampa you have the Ralph's Mob and we have around 5,000+ attendance that's 3rd after Montreal and Portland.

    WC viewership has nothing to do with local soccer support PERIOD

  • WSW

    Tampa has the supporter group – Ralph's Mob. We have the great ownership, Hank Steinbrenner is on the board of directors, all we need is a SSS.

  • Seattle

    You shut up Tampa Miami si the city.

  • RR

    Oh please! Claure has enough money to front a team all on his own. Why didn't he do that after FC Barcelona dropped out of the bidding process for an expansion team, unless he doesn't really believe Miami's a strong enough market that they need an outfit like Barca to draw attention. Miami is nothing but hot air.

  • crewfan02

    Tampa is averageing around 8,000 per game which is great for a d2 team so Tampa has better fans then Miami.

  • Uncle Ed

    Its Funny that its alway the Tampa fans that start to criticize Miami.
    I don't see Ralphs Mob doing anything to get an MLS team… The truth is neither Miami FC nor the Rowdies ownership will make the jump to MLS because they want no part of it. There is nothing I would like more than a Miami vs Tampa rivalry in MLS but it seems the Tampa fans don't want that.
    The Miami MLS team will happen and its only a matter of time.

  • kfly

    Chivas should move to San Diego, they draw pitifully in LA and that town's fanbase is wrapped around the Galaxy's finger anyway. The LA derby has become meaningless and boring; it would be the same level of intensity if Chivas moved to San Diego. There's an even bigger Mexican population there, and obviously there are general soccer fans (World Cup ratings DO mean something).

  • BdV_21

    Unlike miami, we in Tampa support the team no matter what division. Funny you have more fans in Tampa than you do in miami who support a Rowdie reject. Yes, He tried out for the Rowdies and failed. People in miami apparently like to boycott the team untill they get into MLS. Tell all your “high rating tv fans” to come to a game. Oh yea, you cant, because they would probably watch it at home even if its MLS miami.

    La Banda del Verde PTE. Aguante los Rowdies!!!!!!

  • Garrett

    Your pathetic “Ultras” are a joke and Miami should not be included in the talk for MLS. You have had a team down there for more than 3 years now and can barely get 1,000 people to a game. Not to mention, the majority of your fans come from Lauderdale and West Palm, not Miami. Those ratings and signatures you get for Miami mean NOTHING considering almost none of the Miami FC fans come from there. Any of the cities mentioned in this article deserve to have a team over Miami.

  • Garrett

    Stop making it so easy for us to criticize Miami and maybe we will stop.

    While MLS is nice, a D2 team in it's first year is not ready for the jump to MLS. We need our own stadium, more season ticket holders, investors, etc. before that happens. What we (supporters, Ralph's Mob, etc.) are doing now is building that support on a grassroots level so the Rowdies can make the jump to MLS one day, when we are ready. This is opposed to the other strategy of setting up twitter pages and websites begging MLS to bring a team to their city as their only ideas with no efforts (or at least ones that work) to get people into the seats.

  • chuck

    wow, you think Tampa fans and Ralph's Mob in particular aren't doing anything to get MLS because we don't care or don't want MLS? Miami fans are truly the bottom of the barrel.

    We aren't bothering with whining and begging for MLS because we realize we need to appreciate what we have. If MLS is our destiny then it will happen one day. In the meantime we pour our hearts and souls into supporting the Rowdies wherever they go and in whatever league they play.

    Too bad the same can't be said for Miami “fans”.

  • Ewewe

    El Paso?