Houston Parts With Landin, Spencer Resigns

Houston Parts With Landin, Spencer Resigns

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 14, 2010
  • John Spencer, Luis Angel Landin

In one day the Houston Dynamo cut loose a Designated Player that bombed and probably more importantly saw one of the league’s best assistant coaches step down for personal reasons. Yes Dynamo fans I believe you are entering a slight rebuilding phase now.

Luis Angel Landin, signed last August as Houston’s first DP, was released Tuesday by the Dynamo. The 24-year-old Mexican striker scored just twice in 20 appearances for club. His status as a DP was always under question by folks in the media and around the league due to his constant lack of form and shape.

Landin goes into the books as one of the bigger busts in the short run of the DP rule. He’s not quite Denilsen bad but he’s definitely up there in the Claudio Reyna territory of being a bad DP choice by the club.

You could blame Houston manager Dominic Kinnear for sticking it out for Landin for this long but really he only had so much to work with him there. When I saw the Dynamo here in Dallas back at the start of the season Landin was in terrible shape and just looked lethargic on the pitch.

But the bigger news in my mind is the departure of Spencer. He is leaving for personal reasons so I won’t go into speculating what that could mean right now. We all know this was likely his final year in Dynamo orange as he was being courted by Portland to be their new coach when they enter Major League Soccer next season.

Losing their top assistant is a big blow. Look what its done to Steve Nicol in New England when Paul Mariner left the club to coach in England.

After all the dust settled on these announcements the club also signed midfielder Anthony Obodai from Ghana who has spent the last season with RKC Waalwijk in the Dutch Eredivisie

  • Mitchellrod84

    Ladin was a lost cause. Ching plays the same position.