Oh SuperLiga…

Oh SuperLiga…

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 13, 2010
  • 2010 SuperLiga

The one good thing about SuperLiga is seeing American star Jose Torres and Pachuca. (Getty Images)

In case you didn’t know the mid-summer SUM tournament SuperLiga kicks off tomorrow. Its the same setup as before, four MLS teams and four Mexican teams.┬áThe Chicago Fire, Houston Dynamo, New England Revolution and Chivas USA all will compete against Mexico’s Pachuca, Monarcas Morelia, Pumas UNAL and Puebla.

Again the question comes out, does anyone really care?

Honestly if its not in your local MLS market you probably don’t care a single bit. Hell probably even in some MLS markets that do have it don’t even care. (Excuse me for being rude if you do like this tournament, just giving an honest opinion on the subject.)

I think for once none of the MLS teams really stand a chance in winning this tournament. Chivas and New England may have won their league game this past weekend but their seasons haven’t exactly been anything special. I’d guess New England with all their injury issues this year really don’t need another few games in the middle of the season to play. Houston and Chicago haven’t exactly done anything great this season either come to think of it.

So why do we still have this tournament? Oh yeah, to see SUM make some cash off of the Mexican teams in the MLS markets. Right.

I’m sure SUM envisioned this to be a mini-Europa League type tournament but its far away from that at this point. The tournament once again comes at a time when MLS clubs don’t need an extra set of games while the Mexican teams are in their pre-season mode.

At this point I don’t know if this tournament is even fixable. I know some fans enjoy it (mostly New England or Houston fans) but to the rest of the markets most fans don’t even know of this tournament. That has to change if this will ever get bigger.

Maybe this year’s tournament will surprise me and be interesting but for now I’m not holding my breath.

  • I always love playing Mexican teams because I, like some fans, carry over the USA-Mexico rivalry. I haven't been to a SuperLiga game before (most of them come on weekdays and, being an NE fan, transportation to Gillette is always an issue) but I have heard that Revs vs. Mexican team matches tend to have an extra edge in the atmosphere and play. Plus we won this two years ago.

    I definitely think there's a lot of potential with this tournament and also a lot wrong with it, but I'm sure it's fixable somehow. How, you ask? Don't ask me.

  • grumpdogg

    Why are LA and Real Salt Lake not in the tourney?

  • because they are in the CONCACAF Champions League. You can't be in both.

  • grumpdogg

    Was that a rule put in place by SUM when they created the tournament?

  • No, that was a MLS thing.

  • Khelberg

    I'm a Houston fan so I guess I am more likely to care about Super Liga. one of my favorite rivalries is with Pachuca, I guess not many MLS teams have a rivalry with a mexican club.
    Super liga has served to kick start the Dynamo in the past , maybe this year it will do teh same. The main reason I'm looking forward to this match up is that I get to see Torres and Gomez play live. Should be worth the price of the ticket.

  • artillero

    I guess Mexican se it as pre-season activity while SUM gets richer. The ones who lose are the MLS teams that seem to have to fit the league and the superliga games. But, Mexican teams do it all the time ( Libertadores, copa sudamericana, interliga, superliga, Concachampions). At the end, it is just to fill the pockets of some.