So What Now…?

So What Now…?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 12, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, Spain

Spain celebrates their first World Cup trophy. (Getty Images)

It was fun while it lasted huh folks?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is in the books. Spain is our champion and the Dutch will be complaining about this one for decades to come.

SO what do we do now? No more daily(ish) soccer to tune into in the mornings or mid-afternoon. No more reports from Soccer City from all the ESPN folks. No more stories of South Africa’s past, present and future. Its all over for now.

I can’t say this was the absolute best World Cup in recent memory, for me at least. I’ve only really been able to remember as far back as 1994’s Cup here in America as I was way too little for the 1900 Cup in Italy. But for now this one may stick with me longer than the others. First of all I was able to see nearly every game which was definitely a first for me.

Having a blog during the World Cup made it fun too but as you noticed I didn’t spend all my time this past month discussing the World Cup just for hits and new viewers. I mainly wanted to be a fan and enjoy it more. I think in a small way I did just that. I talked when I wanted to and I shut up when I didn’t feel like speaking.

So what will I take away from this past month? First of all I do believe soccer is at an all-time high here in America. It could have been higher had the US gone further for sure as we all know what a big opportunity missed that was for the country. Still I do believe its high for now. Major League Soccer may benefit from it in small ways but people generally care about the sport like they never did before. Now some may still say its like “watching paint dry” or something like that but deep down they still watched this time around.

Second of all, South Africa did put on a hell of a show. Sure the ball was tricky, the weather was chilly and the altitude stunk for some but it was fun to watch. We knew there would be surprised (Uruguay), some shockers (France and Italy perhaps), and we kind of knew what to expect out of the US and Group C.

At the end of it all we have a new champion in Spain. A country that had never seen their name on the trophy which I think is cool to see again. Sure seeing Brazil, Italy or Germany win it once again is nice and all but having a new member to that club is pretty special to see too. Even if it wasn’t pretty.

We have four years to wait for the next big event and this time around it will be on our side of the globe (prime-time games! Woohoo!). I may throw out my World Cup Best XI and I may not. We’ll see if time allows for that. But until then let’s hear what your favorite moments were from this tournament.

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    The biggest rumor is Garber wil take over D2 soccer.

  • good job, spain