Salgado Coming To MLS?

Salgado Coming To MLS?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 8, 2010
  • Omar Salgado

Omar Salgado recently got called into the US U20 National team camp, a call that most people probably passed over without much thought. For Salgado it was a chance at playing for a country that he wanted to play for even though he’s already played before with the Mexican U20 side.

Before the camp Salgado was playing in the Chivas de Guadalajara system in Mexico. A system that is widely known for employing only Mexicans on their roster. When they learned he was going to play for the Stars and Stripes up north a change was expected to happen.

According to Yanks Abroad Salgado is now no longer with Chivas in Mexico and could be looking at options with Major League Soccer.

“There was a conflict with [Chivas],” said Salgado. “Unfortunately we had to discuss that and I am now looking to come back to the US in MLS. I am looking for the move right now for this coming season.”

With teams clearing out room for incoming transfers this summer it may be a good time for the 16-year old striker to make his move professionally like this. The US U-20 coach Thomas Rongen even pointed him out during the camp as one of the most impressive players there.

So should he get in contact with a MLS club how will it go down? Doubt he’ll be put into the allocation system since he is only 16. My bet if he isn’t some how signed by a club he’ll go through the lovely lottery system that the league unfortunately uses in situations like this. The worst teams in the table get the better chance as we know but don’t look for a Luis Gil type of situation where he only wants to really play for one of two teams.

He could want to stay in Texas (he’s originally from El Paso) and only play for the Houston Dynamo or FC Dallas. The latter of the two doesn’t really need another young star taking up roster space while Houston could take a gamble on him as they’ve done with other young stars like Danny Cruz, who I may add is starting to really pan out for Dominic Kinnear.

Is he the next great striker for the US, we don’t know. But seeing that a young kid like this wants to be in MLS right now sounds like a good thing to me for the league.

  • Can't Chivas give him to Chivas?

  • You'd think but I doubt it. He'd be a decent fit there though, they need help up top for sure.

  • Im sure he will get picked up by some MLS team i mean if his in the U-20 being 16 years of age he should be a great prospect for any MLS team. All my best wishes to him in his new US career

  • Bob

    If he comes to MLS, it will be via the allocation draft. He'd be no different than Luis Gil, in that if a particular team wants him, then they'll find a way to acquire his rights.

  • Bob, the allocation system is usually meant for big named Americans returning to the league or coming into the league from overseas. Salgado is only 16 and is really none of those. He'll be a lottery player just like Gil and Kyle Davies.

  • Bob

    I didn't say allocation system. I said allocation [b]draft[/b], although lottery would be the more accurate term. He's too young to sign with whoever he wants, and he doesn't have the caps to be subject to the allocation list for USMNT pool players.

  • Victorpony10

    He is from El Paso, my home town. The city that can easily support an MLS team. A city that sents tons of players down to Mexico for try outs , like Edgar Castillo he is half El Pasoan and half Las Cruces but he really played in El Paso more. El Paso is the best southwest soccer city, trust me and even national but we need a NASL or USL team with real ownership to show all the U.S. who we really are.