Reason To Be Happy With A Spanish-Dutch Final

Reason To Be Happy With A Spanish-Dutch Final

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 8, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, Holland, Spain

The final is set, Holland and Spain will decide who is the new World Cup champion. (Getty Images)

Sure not having our beloved Americans still in the World Cup hurts but I’m over it. I went from rooting for the US to rooting for teams like Holland and Uruguay. The style of play is a lot different from the US but it was something to get behind. Plus their games seemed to be more entertaining than most in this World Cup.

Yesterday we saw the final become complete with Spain downing Germany 1-0 after a hard-fought battle in Durban. The game wasn’t that great in some respects as Germany sat back and took all that Spain could give them while Spain failed to finish in front of the net yet again.

Now its Spain and Holland. Two counties that have yet to see their name on the World Cup trophy. Two countries that have longed for this chance at greatness.

Honestly I couldn’t be happier with this final.

Sure not having a Brazil or Italy or Germany or Argentina is tough to see but we should be happy to have a new champion for once. Its not often that it happens this way either.

So what do I expect on Sunday? A damn good game for the most part. No doubt the all-European final will be intense, probably as intense as the 2006 final with Italy and France. I have a feeling the Dutch will come out early and try to take it to the Spanish defense while Spain will still get plenty of possession like they always do.

Neither team has been at their absolute best in this tournament but each have found ways to win. The old styles have been thrown out and we’re seeing team football get them this far.

I’m pulling for the Dutch in this one but should Spain win I wouldn’t be too upset. A lot of firsts will happen either way and we should be happy with that.

  • Kaiser

    The Orange will crush them!!!