Arena on the USOC

Arena on the USOC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 8, 2010
  • Bruce Arena, US Open Cup

Interesting quote from LA boss Bruce Arena on the timing of the US Open Cup games after his Galaxy lost last night in the quarterfinals to the Seattle Sounders FC.

“No, to me these games don’t make sense. Essentially it was a reserve game tonight. I think the timing of this competition isn’t right for MLS teams; it’s a difficult time to try and play these games. I think if see both teams, obviously both want to win, the competition is water down due to the fact that each team is juggling players and see who you want to play and who you don’t want to play. For us tonight there were valuable minutes for some players and others not so good.”

Several MLS clubs have said similar things over the years about the timing of the USOC in their schedule. For teams like the Galaxy who have a loaded schedule due to the CONCACAF Champions League, the regular MLS slate, friendlies scheduled in the summer and then this tournament you can see why they complain like this.

Sure these comments wouldn’t come out after a win though but I do agree with the timing of this tournament being a bit off still. They’ve adjusted it in the past to not go as long as it used to but I’d still argue that this needs to be something that should be pushed up earlier in the year.

My wonder too is that do teams even make money on this tournament any more? I know its the oldest tournament that we have for soccer in the States but I’m getting more of a sense that it really needs revamped to make it more meaningful.

  • grumpdogg

    I think the MLS teams are at a disadvantage in all competitions outside of MLS play because of the salary and roster constraints. Teams like LA need a lot of extra quality players to be able to successfully compete in all their competitions, but they can't because of MLS roster rules. I understand the league wants parity, but the league will never built its reputation in CONCACAF until we start winning things and as long as we have short rosters we won't.

    Why do you think teams like Barca and ManU do so well in all competitions… They have a nice stable of talent they can choose from to keep everyone fresh.

  • Crewster

    If Arena can't handle his roster for an Open Cup match, how's he going to handle the Champions League? Why doesn't he do what the Crew did this year, knowing they would be in three competitions? Don't schedule international friendlies.