WVH Power Rankings: Week 13

WVH Power Rankings: Week 13

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 29, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 13, MLS Power Rankings

It seems like it’s been a while since our last power rankings on here but when the broke for a couple weeks for the World Cup that’s what happend. Now that all the clubs are back and in action things will begin to look a little more normal around here though.

I didn’t do a weekend recap yesterday for time purposes and because I really wanted to just enjoy the Brazil-Chile game. Taking time to write a weekend recap wouldn’t have allowed me to do that.

Anyways, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement from our last rankings. With the amount of draws this past week that was bound to happen. The top remained the same with a couple clubs swapping places. I will say this however keep an eye on Colorado, Dallas and Chicago here in the coming weeks. I really see those three as clubs that could make some noise before long.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 10-1-3 33 pts. Came back from the World Cup break with a solid draw at BMO Field. Now they get Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle back here soon, no doubt they’ll continue their amazing pace with those two back.
2 (2) 7-3-3 24 pts. Still solid at home but going cold against San Jose was a bit surprising.
3 (4) 7-2-3 24 pts. A couple weeks of rest was all this club needed, looked solid against D.C. at home.
4 (3) 6-3-3 21 pts. The 2-2 draw was a shocker considering how this club doesn’t score and they also don’t give up much. I still find them to be very dangerous moving forward here.
5 (6) 8-5-0 24 pts. Nice time for Juan Pablo Angel to really show up, he finally looks like his normal self again and the Red Bulls are rolling because of it.
6 (5) 5-4-3 18 pts. They’ve begun trading pieces to make some serious moves this summer, good thing too because they need some life up top.
7 (7) 4-2-6 18 pts. Decent win over on the road at one of the league’s worst clubs. I think this club will finally hit their stride here as the summer moves on.
8 (8) 5-4-3 18 pts. Good start after the World Cup break to get a draw in Rio Tinto of all places. Newcomer Sam Cronin made their midfield look a little more stable too.
9 (9) 4-3-5 17 pts. If there is one team that could sneak up in the eastern conference to rival New York and Columbus, I think it may be the Fire. Marco Pappa continues to shine and the Fire are getting better.
10 (10) 5-7-2 17 pts. Decent draw against the Rapids but we’re not used to seeing this Dynamo team play this shaky at Robertson Stadium.
11 (14) 3-7-1 10 pts. I don’t normally bump teams like this because of one win but the Union looked like a complete team for a change in their new home, which is also a gem of a venue.
12 (11) 4-7-3 15 pts. Sigi Schmid’s bunch need help, in a hurry!
13 (12) 3-8-2 11 pts. Hard to get too excited about this bunch anymore. With Taylor Twellman going on the season-ending IR you have to wonder when the club will pull the plug on things and go elsewhere for goals.
14 (13) 3-6-3 12 pts. Were just outworked by New York. Their lack of offense still amazes me here, only D.C. has scored less goals this season.
15 (15) 3-9-1 10 pts. Could have gotten a draw at home to Dallas but in the final third their finishing isn’t there and defensively they lack quality to stick with teams who can score.
16 (16) 3-9-1 10 pts. With some help on the way you have to wonder will things work out or will it continue to be the season from hell for United?