Blatter, FIFA To Consider Replays

Blatter, FIFA To Consider Replays

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 29, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, England, Mexico, Sepp Blatter

Hard to argue that this wasn't a goal. (Getty Images)

In a way I see this as just a gesture from FIFA boss Sepp Blatter to make folks happier but in the other way I have a feeling nothing will actually come of it. Either way you spin it Blatter said today he would be open to considering replays for calls on the field.

Blatter has stated that FIFA will “re-open the file on goal-line technology” during meetings next month to determine whether FIFA will implement the use of instant replay in the future.

Once England was the victim of a non-goal/non-call against Germany where the ball clearly crossed the goal-line but all the refs on the field failed to see what millions around the world saw, we knew something would at least be discussed a bit more here. The technology is already in place for some goal-line sensors which would have clearly helped this situation out for England.

Mexico was also a victim of some unlucky calls against Argentina. Carlos Tevez was clearly offside but his first goal was still allowed.

More than likely we won’t see any sort of system to help offside calls here as that sort of replay system would drastically slow the pace of the game down for calls like this. But goal-line technology would instantly help some situations out. No one can really know how much different the England-Germany game would have been at 2-2 instead of how it was at 2-1 when the Frank Lampard shot crossed the goal-line. Germany winning 4-1 definitely silenced more folks in England about the Lampard goal that wasn’t than they would have had the score ended 2-1.

FIFA and Blatter have told England and Mexico sorry for the mistakes but that kind of message won’t be good enough for either today.

I’m all for some goal-line technology here and have been supporting that issue for a while now. Maybe its time we see some sort of system like in hockey where a forth or even fifth official just examines the goal-line situations and turns on a bright red light when the ball crosses the line. Cheesy in some manners but effective.

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    we will see it once MLS implements pro/rel.