What About Bob?

What About Bob?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 28, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, Bob Bradley

If you come here regularly then you know my feelings towards US Men’s National team head coach Bob Bradley. You know that I’ve been a big supporter of his since his days of having an interim tag on his nameplate with this team.

Now that the US is out of the World Cup the usual questions of his future are being asked. Typically a World Cup cycle is all a coach gets, rarely do we see a coach get a couple cycles with a team.

In a way I’d love to see Bradley continue on with this group because there is something special there. During his four years in charge the team enjoyed what is arguably the most succcesful four-year period in the team’s history. The team won the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup, finished second at the 2009 Confederations Cup, won the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying group and finished first in its World Cup group for the first time since 1930.

The track record is there for Bradley and in a way that should be enough if he were to want to stay on board.

But for some that won’t be enough. There have been plenty of anti-Bradley folks out there due to his questionable roster decisions, his tactics and just anything else he does with the team. You could argue his lineup choices for the Ghana game put the team in a early hole with Ricardo Clark in the lineup instead of a Maurice Edu or Jose Torres. Bradley easily admitted to his mistake of Clark early in the match when he subbed him out. Then there was giving the start to Robbie Findley up top instead of Edson Buddle or Herculez Gomez.

So what becomes of Bradley? In a way I hope he is the one to make this decision. He’s earned that much at least I would hope but more than likely that won’t be the case. The USSF and Sunil Gulati are likely ready to move on and get a high-profile guy in on the job (hello Jurgen Klinsmann?). I’ve always said that if Bradley goes it will be a¬†foreign¬†based coach that steps in and takes over.

Again, for me, I’d like to see Bradley stay on but two World Cup cycles is a very tall task to ask of anyone. Hopefully whatever happens Gulati gets someone in that can understand how the US style of play is and perfects it. Also getting someone who understands the weirdness of getting players from Major League Soccer will be key.

So who would you like as the next coach? Do you want a high-profile guy or someone off the radar a bit?

  • grumpdogg

    I don't think he stays. I honestly don't think our team has advanced much under his reign. Yes we won the 2007 Gold Cup, but I don't really give him as much credit as many do for the 2nd place finish in the Confed Cup. We won 2 games in the tourney and looked pretty bad in the 2 other group games we didn't win and in the second half of the Brazil game. We we lucky to make the round of 16 this cup and then he went back to choosing his personal favorites for that match which he admitted was a mistake by his subs. I think this team is ready for a high profile coach. I don't know that Klinsmann is the man for the job as I think he would be better in a more consultant role overhauling our entire system. I really think we should look to South America for our next coach.

  • elpool009

    Caleb Porter is the name for the future. thanks Bob for everything, but your time is up. his reign peaked with the Spain game and i think we all know it. that being said i have to agree with grumpdogg, south america is where we need to look for our new lead.

  • Allen

    I don't see how Findley was a mistake compared to Buddle or Gomez. We're not talking about 2 other choices with far more experience at that level.

    What I like about Bradley is that he was seeing a need for a change in how the US was playing and ditched the big guys Ching and Casey up top. I like both of them and what they bring to the game. But that was not the sort of game the US was going to be playing in the WC to do well.

    I think as a whole the question isn't Clark's oopsie whoopsie but why the US wasn't able to better defend. Early goal from England? 2 goals from Slovenia? Algeria with an early goal if it wasn't for the woodwork?

    If there is a coaching change to be made, I pray to god it's to address those issues and someone who can take the group to the next level. I'm afraid they'll make a change not with a certain vision in mind but just for a sake of change.