Soccer For The Casual Fans

Soccer For The Casual Fans

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 24, 2010

Donovan and company celebrate the massive goal scored to send the US through to the knockout round. (Getty Images)

Travelling yesterday sucked. I’ll put that out there right now, its been a reason why this place has been quiet these last few days. Not a perfect time to do so with so many World Cup games going on, especially yesterday’s big one against Algeria. But hey, what can you do?

Ah, but there is a simple sense of accomplishment today about what happened yesterday. Landon Donovan’s strike not only sent the US through from the group stage to the knockout round, but it won the group but more importantly it keeps the causal fans here in the States interested just a little bit longer.

I can’t tell you the last time soccer was talked about this much here, if ever.

I’ll put it this way, the group stages were like three dates with soccer for the casual fan and you all know what the third date usual means right? Well the first date was like a hand-shake followed by a kiss on the cheek after the second one. Then the third one hit and it looked like the dating game was over for soccer and fans here but then Donovan’s strike hit home and it was like the girl on the third date took you in her place instead of just the good-night kiss at the door.

Now there’s a date for Saturday.

I won’t break the game down because its too late for that now and plus I haven’t gotten to see every bit of it all the way through yet because of travel reasons.

But this advancement for the US into the next round has a sense that this could happen. What this actually is will still be decided but the bracket we’re in looks good for a trip to at least the quarterfinals, if not even the semi-finals. That means the longer this date with this goes on the better it goes for the sport here in America.

Even soccer-bashers are on to it. Its like the sport is the cool thing to watch/do/talk about/care about/etc. now.

I’m just glad I’ve been along for the ride all along here. We’ll see more parties this weekend for the game and let’s hope it continues folks.

  • I can only hope the momentum continues and brings even more attention to soccer here in the states.