10 World Cup Games To See

10 World Cup Games To See

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 8, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, World Cup 2010

Any match involving Brazil is a must-see. (Getty Images)

I know these lists have been out since December but honestly I have to add my own (you all know I’m a list guy). I know personally I won’t get to see every single match in this World Cup. For that to happen I’d have to take a vacation and add another DVR to the home TV. While I will be taking a short vacation towards the end of next week, adding that extra DVR just won’t happen.

In other words seeing every game is a tough task for even the biggest of fans. I figured I’d trim my list down to a solid 10 (or so) that I have to see one way or another. Feel free to add the games you want to see the most below.

1. South Africa vs. Mexico, June 11 – Its the start of the party so it leads off things for me. A couple big questions jump out to me, can the hosts actually get out of this group and will Mexico be as good as some folks hype them up to be? It could be a real lively game and while I do see Mexico pulling out on top I wouldn’t put anything past the home nation actually rising up to the¬†occasion here and getting some sort of result.

2.United States vs. England, June 12 – Boy Saturday can’t come soon enough can it? I really don’t think I have to explain why this game is so big.

3. Argentina vs. Nigeria, June 12 – What exactly are we going to get out of Argentina. We know they’re good enough to win the entire thing but at the same time with the way they qualified I wouldn’t put it past them to struggle to get out of their group. The team goes as Lionel Messi goes. Nigeria could be one of the more surprising African teams in my eyes, don’t put it past them to get something out of this game.

4. Italy vs. Paraguay, June 14 – For a defending champion this opening match is rough. Paraguay is a highly underrated South American side that will present the Azzurri¬†with loads of problems. Italy’s age worries me while Paraguay’s attack could sneak one in one them.

5. Any Group G match – I’m not even kidding here, just record or set your clocks up to watch them all. Even the games involving North Korea. We could see lots of goals in those North Korean games while the Brazil vs Portugal, Brazil vs Ivory Coast and Portugal vs Ivory Coast games will all be entertaining to see.

6. US vs. Algeria and Slovenia – While the England game gets all the hype these two games are vital for the US’s chances to move forward in this competition.

7. Cameroon vs. Denmark, June 19 – We know that Holland is the class of their Group but this game will likely determine second place. Plus its a chance to see Samuel Eto’o, who wouldn’t want to pass that one up?

8. Chile vs. Spain, June 25 – I said Paraguay is underrated in this field, but so is Chile. The offensive firepower alone between these two sides will be fun to watch. Who’s defense will crack the most will determine a winner here.

9. Ghana vs. Germany, June 23 – Without Michael Essien Ghana will have to figure out a way past the Germans in this one. Then again Germany will be without Michael Ballack in the midfield as well which could level things out a bit. Ghana was the only African side to do well in Germany in 2006, and with a good chunk of that roster back for this go-around they could make things tough on the Germans in this very deep group.

10. Netherlands vs. Cameroon, June 24 – I mentioned Cameroon’s game with Denmark but this one against the Dutch will also likely be a classic game to watch. Expect the Dutch to begin hitting their marks more in this one as they typically begin to get their motor running on high gear around this time of the tournament.