2010 World Cup Preview: Group G

2010 World Cup Preview: Group G

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 7, 2010
  • 2010 World Cup, Brazil, Group G, North Korea, Portugal

Brazil may be the favorites but for me it all comes down to Drogba in Group G. (Getty Images)

When the draw came out back in December one group stood out more than the rest, Group G. Most would say it is the famed “Group of Death” and when you really look at it no group comes close to the toughness that this one has. Anytime you throw Brazil in a group the toughness jumps up but when you also see one of the best African sides and the always dangerous Portugal, fans around the world couldn’t wait to see this group pan out.

Most would argue its a three horse race with North Korea having a little chance. No doubt it will be interesting to see if they even get on the board in this World Cup.

So who gets out of this group will be likely be a favorite to win it all.

Brazil: More than likely Brazil will end up winning this group, even with a tough task of facing Portugal and the Ivory Coast. Brazil is well Brazil, we know exactly what we’re getting out of them. Anything less than a trip to the finals would surprise most by looking at this team. But if for some reason they stumble it would be due to this group. Just think for a moment if they do and end up in second place they’d likely face Spain in the second round. Ouch. I just don’t think that will happen.

Ivory Coast: It all rests on Didier Drogba. If he is fully ready to go then this team has a great shot at reaching the second round. I had them going out of this group before his injury last week but if he isn’t there then I’m not exactly sure if they have the offense to stay with Portugal or Brazil. Defensively they worry me a bit but if they can jump out on Portugal and North Korea they’ll be fine. They’ll need to sure up the defense if they want a deep run but getting Drogba healthy beforehand may be the top thing on their to do list right now.

North Korea: This group had to have at least one punching bag. They play rather defensive soccer which will only do them so much in this group. If anything they could sneak a draw in against the Ivory Coast or Portugal but I’m betting on this team to not finish with a single point or even a single goal.

Portugal: So which Portugal team will show up here? The one that barely qualified or the one that we know can make a deep run on the heels of Cristiano Ronaldo? The thing about this squad is they play up (or down) to their competition. Expect them to give Brazil a real battle but the other two games they’ll play down a bit. A slow start like in 2002 will doom this team, you can count on that.

Group G Predictions:

We know who will end up in first (Brazil) and in last (North Korea) but it’s really anyones guess who will be in second and third. You can make your case either way and you’re probably not wrong for doing so. I’d love to see Portugal in second because it would setup a crazy matchup in the second round provided that Spain wins their group. Then again a Spain-Ivory Coast game wouldn’t be horrible either. A lot rests on Drogba who I think will still play, which makes me lean Ivory Coast. It will likely come down to goal differential but that’s what I’m going with, that game with North Korea becomes all more important for each to load up the goals.

Brazil 9 pts.
Ivory Coast 4 pts
Portugal 4 pts.
North Korea 0 pts.