Hunts Looking To Sale Minority Stake In Columbus

Hunts Looking To Sale Minority Stake In Columbus

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 2, 2010
  • Clark Hunt

Here’s a bit of news that should make a few folks smile around the league. The Hunts Sports Group which is the only owners in the league that owns full majority stakes in two Major League Soccer teams (FC Dallas and the Columbus Crew) are looking for new investors for their Columbus team the Columbus Dispatch reported this morning.

The Hunts will remain majority stakeholders of both clubs when the sale is finalized with a new minority stakeholder.

Most recall back in 2008 when the Crew were on the market for a minority stakeholder and a Las Vegas businessman Mark Noorzai nearly came on board with the club. But due to the troubled economy the deal fell through. Noorzai as you may recall was hoping to possibly move the team to Las Vegas at some point.

So who will the Crew get as a new minority stakeholder? The Hunts hope it is someone local.

“But I think our having a direct relationship with (local investors) will be good for us as opposed to an indirect one through Mark’s group,” said Clark Hunt.

So why is this good news? Its simple really, a lot of folks in Columbus and in Dallas are hoping for the Hunts to sell one of the two clubs. Sure this is a minority deal but it could possible lead into something bigger down the road. Its no secret that the Hunts aren’t the best owners in the league in most folks opinions. They spend more money on getting concerts in their stadiums than marketing their clubs. That could change with a more predominate minority owner.