MLS Week 10 Recap

MLS Week 10 Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 1, 2010
  • MLS Weekend Recaps

Preston Burpo's injury could be a season changing moment for the Revs. (Getty Images)

First of all I hope everyone had a nice Monday off here in the States. Memorial Day is always a nice holiday I think, really kicks off summer in a good way. I figured I wasn’t going to get to much yesterday in terms of writing so this week’s recap will likely be short because of that.

We’re a third of the way home in the 2010 season. Week 10 was an interesting one to say the least as LA continued their dominance, RSL won yet again at home and Toronto won a big road game for a change. There were other crazy things like Philadelphia and D.C. winning in the same weekend, as well as New England’s loss of Preston Burpo to that nasty challenge by New York’s Dane Richards.

1. On Burpo

If you’ve seen the replay or even a photo of the incident you’ll understand that this moment was ugly. The challenge itself wasn’t horrible by Richards, for the most part I felt it was a 50-50 moment that just ended in a bad way for Burpo. In a way you could call this a Joe Theismann moment for Burpo and the league.

What happened was Burpo went in for the ball while Richards came at full speed to do the same and the result was a fractured his right tibia and fibula. Ouch.

New England will be fine in terms of who will be in goal. They have a capable backup in Bobby Shuttleworth and Matt Reis should be coming off the IR very soon. The thing is this kind of injury can really do a number on a club. Players were visibly shaken up after the play and manager Steve Nicol did all he could to keep his club going forward in the rest of the game.

The Revs did win a battle 3-2 thanks in part to some motivation and a couple red cards.

2. LA continues to roll

The battle of the league’s best on Saturday was better than I expected, however the result was not. I, like most folks called a draw. It was the right thing to call before the game but boy were we all wrong. LA went out and did what they do best even without Edson Buddle and Landon Donovan.

Just in true Galaxy form the Bruce Arena squad pulled out their favorite card to play on Saturday, the defend-to-attack card. Just like we’ve seen in the past they played it brilliantly.

What is more impressive is LA is 11 games into the season and has still only given up TWO goals. Yes two. Their current pace right now is to only give up six goals on the year. While I don’t think that is actually possible they are definitely going to challenge the Houston Dynamo’s record of 23 goals given up in a season.

3. Roles reversed

Who saw Philadelphia winning on the road…in Houston of all places this weekend? Not I and other than maybe some die-hard Union fans I doubt many others did either. One thing remains the same though for Dominic Kinnear’s side, they’re far too inconsistent for their own good. In a way they are starting to become more like the Colorado Rapids of the last couple years, while the Rapids are slowly turning into more like the Dynamo of a couple years ago.

Weird how things work out like that but its true. I constantly would say the Rapids were far too inconsistent in the past couple years while the Dynamo were always a pretty steady rock to talk about. Now its almost reverse.

Another thing about the Rapids now is they aren’t giving up a lot of goals, but then again they aren’t scoring a bunch either. Sounds familiar to me.

4. Tide turning in Toronto

No more than a month ago we all wondered what exactly Preki was doing in Toronto. Turns out he was just waiting on something to click with his club. Lately they’ve been nothing short of good in the league. Since the middle of April TFC has earned nearly as many points in the standings as the LA Galaxy. Yeah, I’m serious.

What’s happened is Preki found his roster and is sticking with it. The slight tinkering he is doing these days is all about keeping players fresh with his loaded schedule. He’ll have to continue to do this through the summer as his club enters into CCL games. Should his club actually make the group phase this season it will put more pressure on them in the fall but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Look at the way things are in the east right now I’d easily take this Toronto club over everyone not named Columbus in that conference. New York is slowly turning into a mess, New England is still got plenty of injury concerns, Chicago and KC haven’t figured themselves out, Philly is too young and D.C. just put themselves in too big of a hole early on. Right now the east is really a two horse race as far as I’m concerned.

5. I caught a cold watching some games this weekend.

Jokingly of course. All the whiffs and misses sure could have caused someone to get a cold though. Jeff Cunningham in Dallas continues to miss the mark but did you see Chicago’s Mike Banner’s sitter on Thursday? It wasn’t Kei Kamara like but it was definitely one worth talking about.

Chad Barrett was up to his usual self this past weekend, missing chances only he can do. Thankfully for Toronto Barrett and the rest of the club has been playing much better as of late so we won’t hold him to this miss all that much.