MLS Hot and Not: Two Months In

MLS Hot and Not: Two Months In

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 24, 2010
  • Chris Wondolowski, Frank Yallop, Hot and Not, Robert Pires, Sigi Schmid, Thierry Henry

We’re nearly a third of the way there. Some clubs have played ten games while several others are close. Only a couple teams have played either seven or eight games…you can thank the schedule for that one. I figured another month down meant it was a good time to do my new Hot and Not series.

Over the last month plenty of things have happened. A couple teams are breaking apart from the rest while others continue to fall further behind. My list below is not just players but coaches, GMs, stadiums, fans…pretty much anything I felt was relevant here. I even threw in a World Cup item too. Again, like I said last time I’m a list guy so I enjoy doing these sorts of things.

World Cup bids for Russia and Portugal/Spain and the US – Starting to look a whole lot better for 2018. May be the three front runners right now. England’s World Cup bids – I know the put the fires out rather quickly but it had to do some serious damage to their hopes.
Chris Wondolowski – Five goals in six starts isn’t bad for a guy that most didn’t figure would be a big contributor this season. D.C. strikers – Four goals in nine games isn’t doing much for this bunch. Wasn’t Danny Allsopp brought in to help bring in the goals (he does have two of the four)?
Frank Yallop – From hotseat to just having his club be hot. Four straight shutouts means its time to start paying respect to Yallop and the Quakes. Sigi Schmid – His team may very well be in a sophomore slump. But if there is any manager out there in MLS that can turn things around it’s Sigi.
Quality Friendlies– In a World Cup year I expected some less-than-stellar games this summer to be played over here. Not exactly the case when you have a Manchester United tour, Inter Milan coming to play, and more. Overhyped International Friendlies – A win over a foreign club at home is always a nice thing but don’t read too much into games like the  3-1 win for New York over Italian side Juventus. Think they cared about playing the Red Bulls in May?
Preki – He was in the doghouse last time but somehow his club has slowly turned a corner here, despite not playing great soccer. Still a Canadian Cup win should be his soon. Schellas Hyndman– I’m starting to think its about to be a long summer in Dallas for Hyndman and FCD. Their last outing was terrible against the Galaxy.
Real Salt Lake– Winners of their last four look to keep the momentum going with a few more home games and a trip to D.C. D.C. United – Not to kick a team when they’re down but nine games in and this side looks even wose than that Red Bulls team from a season ago. Ouch.
All-Star Game – This one will pick up some steam in the coming weeks. Playing a team like ManU (even without some of the big stars) really brings some intrigue to the game. All-Star Game Voting – Little confused by where some of the players are listed here. Landon Donovan as a striker, not a midfielder? Patrick Nyarko not listed as a striker? Sean Franklin as a midfielder? Wasn’t Guillermo Barros Schelotto listed as a striker last year? Things like this make it even harder to vote as a fan.
Montreal – Finally got their expansion bid for 2012. Honestly it can’t come soon enough. St. Louis – The on-going issues with their USSF Division II and WPS teams make MLS look that much smarter for passing on what we thought was a sure thing.
Philly – No matter what you say Philly is a quality town and one that isn’t ugly. Plus have you seen PPL Park lately? So nice. Robert Pires – Only see him coming to one of two cities now, Seattle or Toronto. Though I’d honestly be shocked if he came at all now.
CCL For RSL – Even with one potential Mexican side I really like the chances for RSL in Group A. They’ll dominate at home and probably find ways to break into the next stage. CCL For Seattle – First they have to get by an unnamed Central American side to get into Group C, after that it will be a murder’s row of Saprissa, Monterrey, and Tauro or Marathon. Group of Death, you betcha.
Thierry Henry – Some reports say he’s signed a pre-contract deal with the league and NY, others say a little different. Still he’ll be in NY later this year and that may be enough to turn NY into a contender. Raul – Unlike the Henry rumors that have been around for years, so have the Raul ones. Thing is I’ve never bought those rumors for a second. A lot would have to happen for LA or NY to get him.
  • I think that the Red Bulls beating Juve with their reserves does mean something in terms of their squad depth.

  • I think that the Red Bulls beating Juve with their reserves does mean something in terms of their squad depth.