MLS Weekend Recap: Week 8

MLS Weekend Recap: Week 8

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 17, 2010
  • 2010 Week 8, MLS Weekend Recaps

Seattle got back on track with the win in New York. (Getty Images)

Let’s just go ahead and say it. The Western conference will have six clubs in the playoffs while the Eastern side will just get two this year. Is it safe to say that right now? Its quite possible with the way things are headed here.

Its still very early though I know. All eight Western sides continue to impress though against the East. This past week really only one club from the East did anything to impress me and that was Toronto. The Reds went into LA and scored a huge road draw against the league’s best side.

Things will change though in the coming weeks as the World Cup approaches and players go off to that from the league. Only a couple clubs will really be affected by that.

1. Crew Continues To Roll

The Crew are one of those clubs that could see a change in how things go this week as they lost both Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall to the US Men’s National team. I do have a feeling though that they’ll be back before long and won’t be in South Africa.

Anyways, the Crew battled Chivas USA this weekend at home and for most of the game it was fairly even but just as always the better team found a way to win. Columbus is still undefeated and it may be time to start talking about them as the second best club in the league. Their match with New York this week will really tell us that story or not but as far as I am concerned its LA then Columbus in terms of a pecking order.

The Crew seem to be the only side in the East right now that can stay with clubs from the West. It comes down to depth and desire right now and the Crew have both.

2. D.C. Continues Falling

Did you see D.C. manager Curt Onalfo after their 1-0 loss to the Colorado Rapids this weekend? If you did you saw a defeated man. It seems as though there really isn’t a thing he can do right now to keep his club from losing. I’d say at this rate he may leave the club by the middle of the summer but that is just a hunch.

Nothing about D.C.’s roster scares people any more. Sure the injuries have taken their toll by now but let’s get past that excuse shall we? Is there really anything they can do to salvage their season? Yes I said season. To have played eight games and lost seven of them means you have to start speaking in terms of season here as they are almost a third of the way through things. In reality there isn’t much they can do until the summer transfer window opens up.

If I were them I’d be searching high and low for a number 10 for their midfield. If anything that is one of the biggest reasons for their fall here this season. They have no heart and soul in the middle creating offense and helping out the defense anymore.

Then again it is about coaching and Onalfo just continues to prove he isn’t one of the best here.

3. I Doubt They Care

You think Colorado or Seattle really care if their 1-0 wins this past weekend were pretty or not? Like I mentioned above the West is too damn good right now for a club in that conference to fall behind. These results were all about momentum and finding results.

I hate saying it but Mehdi Ballouchy impressed me over the weekend in D.C. too. He’s been a guy that I’ve never been high on, mainly because he’s never reached his full potential. I think he’s finally doing it though.

4. Getting Back On Track

Back to Seattle for a moment, they and Real Salt Lake finally looked like the clubs we expected them to be this year. Seattle’s win over New York wasn’t the prettiest but it was a big confidence boost. For RSL they haven’t dominated quite like they did over Houston since the season opener.

Now they’re both closer to the upper part of the overall league table. With LA about to lose their two biggest scoring threats for a month or so look for RSL and Seattle to gain on LA in the standings.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but RSL has a lot of home games in their upcoming stretch, four out of their next six at Rio Tinto Stadium. At their current pace they’ll likely get all 12 points in that stretch.

5. Mwanga Saves Philly

What do you expect a striker who was your number one overall pick to do for you? Score goals right? Exactly. Danny Mwanga finally delivered his first goal of the year in a big way by saving Philadelphia from losing. Instead the Union ended the game with a point, good enough to push them out of the cellar.

In all seriousness though Mwanga looked like the guy who was picked number one this past weekend. He reminded me why we all wanted him to sign with the league back in the fall with that goal.

I don’t think this goal pushed him to the top of the Rookie of the Year race but it definitely reminded folks to keep an eye out for him this year.