WVH Power Rankings: Week 7

WVH Power Rankings: Week 7

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 11, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 7, MLS Power Rankings

I know this last week or so has been a bit nutty around here. Lack of posts, getting hacked by some jackass, then yesterday’s issue. Just a mess and I thank you all for sticking with me through it. Hopefully that is all behind us here and done with.

I’m going to be rather quick about setting up my Power Rankings this week. With such a packed week things shifted around a good deal within the rankings. The top two and bottom two remain the same though, everything else in-between is still really up for grabs.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 7-0-1 22 pts. The Galaxy now have a very nice cushion that could keep them on top until Landon Donovan (and hopefully Edson Buddle) return from the World Cup.
2 (2) 3-0-2 11 pts. Took the Crew a little while to get going and nearly came up empty against New England but Robbie Rogers gave the Crew yet another three points to keep them undefeated.
3 (4) 4-3-1 15 pts. Up and then down this week for Houston. I’m not so sure they’re the third best club right now but I can’t seem to put anyone else here at the moment either.
4 (8) 4-2-0 12 pts. I think Frank Yallop has finally figured things out with Bobby Convey and Ramiro Corrales. This club actually looks like a winner and they did it this week without Ike Opara in the back.
5 (3) 5-2-0 15 pts. A nice smack of reality this week in San Jose for the Red Bulls. The Quakes exposed the defensive issues that have concerned me all year with this club.
6 (10) 3-3-1 10 pts. Their ranking brought some attention last week, I still stand by my comments on this club. They’re average, maybe a little better but definitely not great. Just look at who they’ve beaten this year.
7 (7) 3-3-1 10 pts. Where has their attack gone in recent weeks? Aside from a couple chances by Omar Cummings they look dead up top.
8 (5) 2-3-1 7 pts. This club has quickly gone from a darling to a dud. They’re quickly slipping down the pipe here.
9 (12) 3-4-0 9 pts. They look good at home but will it ever carry over on the road?
10 (6) 2-3-3 9 pts. Boy they just got spanked at home by the Galaxy. Embarrassing enough that the owners are offering refunds to the fans.
11 (14) 2-1-4 10 pts. In just one week FCD has resorted how their season is going to look here. Its amazing what two straight shutouts can do for a club.
12 (9) 2-3-2 8 pts. What’s going on with this club’s defense these days? Wilman Conde is only one guy and he turning out to not be enough anymore to save their butts.
13 (12) 3-4-1 10 pts. We thought the result in New England was good until we saw the loss at home against Houston. It wasn’t just a loss, Houston dominated the field on Saturday.
14 (11) 2-5-1 7 pts. Steve Nicol can only do so much with so little. The dam is starting to break.
15 (15) 1-5-0 3 pts. Not sure if they are the worst team in the league yet but they are awfully close.
16 (16) 1-6-0 3 pts. Getting the first win and the monkey off the back had to feel good for Curt Onalfo, especially against his old club. Still a long road ahead for this club.