MLS Week 7 Thoughts and Recap

MLS Week 7 Thoughts and Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 10, 2010
  • 2010 Week 7, MLS Weekend Recaps

Can anyone stop these guys? (Getty Images)

This past week was packed, 11 games over a few days with six clubs pulling a double. Wednesday night saw a couple clubs get their first wins of the year while one club dominated on the road and another continued their hot streak. Saturday wasn’t too different as most games were blowouts with only a couple games decided by one goal.

We can see one thing is clear right now though in the league the western conference is loaded yet again. LA is setting the pace and several others are following as close as they can behind. It isn’t a matter of the east nothing being good enough again its just a matter of how good the clubs in the west are playing right now. The western clubs all won the interconference games this week.

If you look at the standings right now between the two conferences the west has seven out of the top nine. Last place is Seattle, with nine points at 2-2-3, they would tie with Toronto FC for third in the East, where only New York (5-2-0, 15 points) and Columbus (3-0-2, 11 points). Those two clubs are the only ones over .500% right now in the east.

1. Donovan peaking at the right time

All season its been about Edson Buddle for the LA Galaxy but really Buddle’s success is because of Landon Donovan. Look at the stat sheets right now, Donovan isn’t scoring but he is setting up nearly every Galaxy goal. That kind of form comes at a perfect time for any American soccer fan as the World Cup is just weeks away.

The cry for Buddle to make the USMNT roster for the World Cup still remains from me here but its mostly because we can see exactly how well he and Donovan work together here. Throw in the other guys like Clint Dempsey and Jozy Alitdore with Donovan’s current form and you have to really like the US’s chances in the group stages.

Right now Donovan just looks hell-bent on winning and I can’t say that is a bad thing to see right now. The rest of the league may think differently as the Galaxy are absolutely killing it right now but having Donovan this hot right now is awesome to see.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of talk in the coming weeks about Donovan and a transfer overseas this summer.

2. The routs were on.

It seems like four goals was a magic number in week seven. Chivas USA threw up four in New England on Wednesday thanks to the Revs having loads of injuries and red card suspension to deal with. Then on Saturday it was LA, RSL, Toronto, and San Jose all picking in high numbers.

Which was more of a shock though, LA routing the Sounders in Seattle or San Jose dominating at home against New York? For me it was probably LA romp in Seattle. I honestly wasn’t too shocked to see New York get beat in San Jose like that. San Jose did a great job of exposing the Red Bulls in the back and through the midfield.

3. Zack Attack

Isn’t it a little funny how we have three rookies with the name Zack and all are doing well? In Dallas Zach Loyd continues to hold his own in the back for the Red Stripes. In New England both Zach Schilawski and Zak Boggs continue to impress for Steve Nicol.

This week it was Boggs who really stepped up his play in Columbus for the Revs. His two goal effort was something special to see, something this writer hasn’t really seen out of him in a while. I covered Boggs at West Virginia University for a year before he transfered to South Florida and I also played against him when he was at Parkersburg HS in West Virginia. I said when he was drafted I wasn’t so sure he was cut out for the league but I’ll admit I’ve been proven wrong here. Nicol plugged away with Boggs up top and saw the results from it this weekend.

4. Sounders fans get refund

Here’s something we haven’t seen before in MLS (at least I don’t think we have), a club refunding their fans after a dismal effort at home. Yesterday the club ownership made the decision to refund season ticket holders following the 4-0 loss to the LA Galaxy. The last place team in the West will give fans a free game next year should they renew their season tickets.

Seattle has been known to do things differently before and this is just another example.

“That wasn’t Sounders soccer. And it was quite frankly embarrassing, humiliating, and they don’t deserve that.”

Seattle has great fans but you have to think they won’t put up with that too much longer. I also love the passion their owners and management take too with results like this. It’s a shame more clubs don’t show this kind of passion from a week to week basis. I’m not calling for refunds across the board here, no, but I am calling for more out of the owners here to show they really do care.

5. Crew still finding their way

Yes Columbus is undefeated but you really wouldn’t know it right now by looking at them. I’m sure the early breaks in the schedule to start the year caused the lack of rhythm. Key guys are slowly finding their pace here as the season is kicking up. Robbie Rogers finally showed up late in the game against New England on Saturday, something the Crew faithful definitely wanted to see.

One thing is certain though the Crew will need to get more out of guys like Rogers until strikers start producing the goals that they expected them to. Sergio Herrera hasn’t shown the ability to score like they thought and with Guillermo Barros Schelotto getting up there in age players like Rogers and Steven Lenhart have to step up play.

Columbus is definitely good enough to be in first in the east and had they not had the early breaks in the schedule I’d imagine they’d be sitting on top of things in the east right now. They’re definitely better than the rest of the east, including New York.

6. Dallas turns in six points

No one needed a good week more than FC Dallas. Two games and six big points saw the Red Stripes go from last in the west to a deadlock tie with three other sides for forth place. If the playoffs were to start to day they’d even be in. The big difference was probably in goal for me, seeing Kevin Hartman over Dario Sala shows to me that Hartman is now the guy. Which is a good thing for Dallas fans.

Not only did Hartman bail out his club on a few occasions on Saturday but I think he locked up the starting spot for at least another couple games.

Its still weird that Dallas hasn’t lost a home game since nearly this time last year. A span of 12 league matches have Dallas going 8-0-4 in that time. Its just too bad no one in Dallas knows their club is on that kind of streak at home right now.