Looking For Hope In D.C. And Dallas

Looking For Hope In D.C. And Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 4, 2010

Andy Najar and D.C. United will battle FC Dallas this weekend. (Getty Images)

After a month and a half into the new season two clubs are still searching for their first win. Both D.C. United and FC Dallas have the big zero in the first column in the standings, a number neither of them want to see nor probably expected to still see at this point in the season.

What has really gone wrong in both places isn’t hard to figure out. Both can point to a lack of quality moves in the offseason and in some ways both can point to injuries (though D.C. has a little more in that department). Coaching questions may also be a factor but at the end of the day neither are scoring and neither are really defending.

D.C. of course is a bigger mess at 0-5. In this day and age in MLS its not like the seasons of old where you can go winless for a stretch like this and still make the playoffs. Looking at the eastern conference standings D.C. is already 15 points back of the leader, New York. Dallas at 0-1-4 isn’t too much better in the western conference as LA is setting the pace at 16 points. You could say hope is there for a wildcard but that could be slipping away quicker than both clubs think.

In D.C. injuries have piled up, newcomers aren’t producing like expected, Troy Perkins isn’t the same guy that they once had in goal a couple years ago and who really knows what is going on with Luciano Emilio.

United went bold this winter and did not re-sign Christian Gomez or even go after anyone like him to fuel the creative side in the midfield. Up top things are dicy as the club has turned to a kid just fresh out of high school and a guy well past his prime to be the scoring answers for them. Still all manager Curt Onalfo can do is wait out this period and hope for something better this summer.

Dallas has at least looked better than United this season. Four draws in five games can be looked as a somewhat positive thing but when you boil things down in the Big D its not all that great.

Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman opted not to go for a striking partner with Jeff Cunningham this year and instead changed his lineup a bit to employ more bodies in the midfield to spread clubs out. The result has been more possession but a lack of finishing is keeping FCD from winning games.

Once again their defense looked improved but after five games it turns out its anything but improved. Dario Sala looks to not be the answer in goal any more while the centerback tandem of Ugo Ihemelu and George John just isn’t working all that well. Then seeing someone like Health Pearce in the midfield just makes no sense to me as he’s better suited for the back.

Some will say to point some blame at the officials for Dallas’ cause but really FCD has gotten some lucky breaks along the way to really balance things out here. Two of their draws probably should have been losses and their one loss should have been a draw.

Better days may be ahead for both sides and then again they both may be waiting out the storm here. Each has two games this week, one tomorrow and one on Saturday against one another. Time will tell if either of them gets their first win in the regular season or not. Both hope that someone will step up along the way and be the answer to their prayers.