Time Is Now For Pappa

Time Is Now For Pappa

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 28, 2010
  • Marco Pappa

Marco Pappa is the new go-to guy in Chicago. (Getty Images)

I felt like continuing on with a series that got a start back in February with the Philadelphia Union. Its a look at a future face of the club, something WVH writer John Parker kicked off with a look at Jack McInerney. Today I wanted to continue on with that series as I look at the Chicago Fire. I’d given it some thought to wait a few games into the season rather than to follow up with it before the season started. Obviously the possible players strike had something to do with it but we’re back on it.

When you look at the Chicago Fire they have a decent list of young quality talent on their roster. Guys like Patrick Nyarko, Collins John, John Thorrington, Corbon Bone, and Baggio Husdic come to mine but there is one guy that just sticks out a tad bit more to me.

And that player is a 22-year old midfielder from Guatemala, Marco Pappa.

In just a short time with the Fire we’ve seen exactly how good Pappa can be. Now that Cuauhtemoc Blanco is out of the picture in Chicago the club needs a new go-to guy. While some will easily gravitate towards Brian McBride (as they should) I tend to lean on Pappa as a guy that is the future of this club. Not only is he young but he’s loaded with talent that we’re seeing already this season. His two goals and two assists are helping carry the load on the offense end but more than anything its his play in the midfield that is showing off. Plus let’s be honest those goals this season are already on the year-end highlight reel for the club and the league.

He’s helped get new manager Carlos del los Cobos’ system in place quicker than what we thought it would be when the season began. We knew there would be bumps along the road in Chicago with a new manager in charge but right now you can’t tell that de los Cobos is a newcomer thanks to Pappa.

But why Pappa and not Nyarko or newcomer John? Simple, Pappa has that “it” quality that I think helps put his face and name out there easier than anyone else on their roster that isn’t named McBride. His skill and talent are showing all over the field and I think he fits Chicago very well.

Now I agree with the fact that is far too early to start talking Best XI and MVPs for the season but if I had to vote today for a Best XI, there’s a good chance Pappa would be getting one of my votes. Without him in the midfield the Fire would be an absolute mess that probably would still be looking for it’s first win of the year.