MLS Week 5 Recap and Thoughts

MLS Week 5 Recap and Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 26, 2010
  • 2010 Week 5, MLS Weekend Recaps

LA and Kansas City are still two of the league's best at this point. (Getty Images)

We knew going into the weekend that some games would prove to be bigger and better than others. Turns out some that we didn’t expect much out of turned out to be better than advertised. The bigger story may be Seattle’s rough week where they lost in Toronto on Sunday and pretty much lost in a draw to FC Dallas on Thursday. No doubt they’ll be looking for improvement in the coming week and hope to erase the Dallas-Toronto trip from hell.

For the most part the weekend was full of nasty weather all across the board. It looked cold in Toronto, wet in Columbus and in New England and yet it was nice and pretty in New York. I jotted down some usual notes from the weekend, some things folks around the league will agree with while some other thoughts some folks are bound to hate me for.

1. Poor Kamara

Wow, just absolutely wow. Just watch this highlight and you’ll understand why this miss by Kansas City’s Kei Kamara is big and ugly. In a way you have to feel for the lad for missing such a sitter like that but on the other hand when you miss something that easy you’re doomed to hear lots about it.

Had Kamara put that away like a normal striker (and no the field was not that wet) it would have given the Wizards a big time win over arguably the league’s best club in LA. Instead they are left with a 0-0.

2. Houston we have a problem

If I am a fan of the Houston Dynamo I would be very worried this morning. Not only did the club lose 2-0 on the road to the Chicago Fire (one of the worst home teams in the league) but they lost more than that with the injury to Geoff Cameron. Knee injuries can be tricky but Cameron’s looked serious, and the Dynamo just looked lost without him on the pitch.

Now I like the addition of Lovel Palmer in the middle but he’s only really replacing Ricardo Clark, Cameron on the other hand means so much more than a defensive midfielder. If I’m Dominic Kinnear I’m already lining up some trades to get some help in for the offense. Question is who in the world would deal with Kinnear in this league? I don’t think I would given the fact that he always gets the better end of the deal.

3. Young Union making it hard on themselves

One thing is clear about Peter Nowak’s club, they have talent but they have way too many mental mistakes. First its Chris Seitz, then its Danny Califf, now it is Michael Orozco. Offensively they continue to look good with Alejandro Moreno annoying folks, Sebastian Le Toux running all over the place and Roger Torres handling the flanks but defensively Nowak has to find a way to sort out the mental mistakes.

Take away the mistakes in the back and this club could very well be sitting at 7 or 9 points on the year. Big difference from the 3 that they have now.

4. Good teams find ways to win

Yes LA and KC ended in a scoreless draw but that one was more about the quality defense and goalkeeping that kept it scoreless than two offenses that failed to get it going. Still I like both clubs a lot and they’ll continues to be in the thick of things this season. But then I look at Columbus who really didn’t control anything against RSL but managed to get three big points out of it. I’m a big believer in that good teams find ways to win, even if it isn’t pretty.

Columbus did just that while RSL failed once again to get points on the road. Yes I know they got hot when it mattered last fall but let’s face it again, they’re just average right now. They’ll likely pick up points at home but when they’re on the road teams still see them for what they are, an average team. If they were nearly as good as some of us really think they are they would have found a way against Columbus. Then again I don’t think anything was going to get past Will Hesmer on Saturday. If he doesn’t earn player of the week votes then something is wrong with the reporters who vote on it.

Then I look at New York, once again they find ways to win at home. It wasn’t pretty but maybe its showing that this club is better than I am thinking that they really are here.

5. As DeRo goes

Its safe to say that aside from picking Edson Buddle as the (way too) early MLS MVP, Toronto’s Dwayne De Rosario would be the best pick. As DeRo goes so does Toronto FC. I thought a few minutes about how TFC would be without DeRo and it wasn’t a pretty thought, in fact they’d likely look a lot like D.C. United in the standings.

6. Don’t worry about low gate numbers

I know the attendance was low this week but really folks let’s not worry so much about it. The league is doing better than in the past few years for obvious reasons, they have more clubs and more games being played. This weekend wasn’t great due to Dallas or New England. Chivas, Chicago, Columbus and New York all pulled in average numbers while Toronto got a disappointing number that was below their normal standards.

Again, its not something to worry about. Weather was a factor in some areas, Toronto had a load of issues apparently, and maybe Red Bull Arena wasn’t so magical after all for getting fans out to a MLS game.

Some folks get too wrapped up in figures and numbers (hell I know I do sometimes) but one bad week won’t break the bank for the league.

  • f4denz

    hard to beat Columbus when you get a goal and the official pulls it off the scoreboard, makes Will's job much easier. He was good but RSL got jobbed, hopefully at home they will get a couple of those calls.

  • f4denz

    hard to beat Columbus when you get a goal and the official pulls it off the scoreboard, makes Will's job much easier. He was good but RSL got jobbed, hopefully at home they will get a couple of those calls.