WVH Power Rankings: Week 4

WVH Power Rankings: Week 4

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 20, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 4, MLS Power Rankings

Week four is in the books as far as I am concerned. We got a little more deeper into the season and with some clubs that isn’t such a good thing. Its a slow learning curve and we know it.

LA remained on top, like there was any doubt that they would here. Edson Buddle continues to dominate the headlines as he continues to score. For me nothing changed at two or three this week between the Crew and Wizards. I just didn’t feel that New York was that great against Dallas to move them higher than those two, even with the Wizards losing on the road. Some will disagree but others won’t I know that.

The middle still remains a mess for the most part but the bottom was rather easy to figure out. We know D.C. and Toronto are an utter mess while Chivas, San Jose, Dallas and Philadelphia aren’t that much better, at least in the standings. I actually think a couple of those four that were just mentioned will be just fine this year.

Anyways, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below in the comments section about this week’s rankings.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 4-0-0 12 pts. Starting to wonder exactly how good this Galaxy team will be here this year. So far its good but if things keep up it could turn into great but it’s still too early to say crazy things like that.
2 (2) 1-0-1 4 pts. Weird that the schedule makers gave them another weekend off this early in the year. Come on, they’ll have a loaded schedule late, wouldn’t it have made sense to do this down the line this year?
3 (3) 2-1-0 6 pts. I have no problem keeping them here even with the loss. A stoppage time goal on the road kind of tells me this club was unlucky not to get at least a point.
4 (6) 3-1-0 9 pts. Bouna Coundoul really stepped back up this week but he has a lot of thanks to give to Juan Pablo Angel and the ref. Still not exactly sure if this club is that good here but they get bumped due to how other’s played this week.
5 (7) 2-1-1 7 pts. It wasn’t that pretty but three points will go a long way this year. Sigi Schmid still has some work to do with this roster though.
6 (5) 2-1-0 6 pts. You know they did lose on the road to San Jose but something tells me this club will bounce back. Just as in years past if they get healthy enough here they could be a really dangerous team.
7 (8) 2-1-1 7 pts. Hello Lovel Palmer. Damn that was a cracker of a goal. I think Dominic Kinnear will welcome Chivas USA into town anytime.
8 (9) 2-1-1 7 pts. They handled Toronto just about like I thought they would. They have all the workings of being good but something just isn’t right with them right now. I’m not so sure they’ll reach that potential here this year just yet.
9 (4) 1-2-1 4 pts. Big drop for them but it was expected due to another road loss. They are getting better on the road but I guess they forgot that Edson Buddle is on a hot streak.
10 (11) 1-2-1 4 pts. For some reason the Fire have just owned D.C. at RFK Stadium these last couple years. Definitely liked what I saw out of this bunch though on Saturday.
11 (13) 2-1-0 6 pts. Yes Quake fans that is what you call a two game winning streak. Please send your thank you notes to Ike Opara once again for providing the fun.
12 (10) 0-1-2 2 pts. Should have had at least a point in New York but believe me this club is so close to being something good, it just takes one game for them to realize it.
13 (12) 1-3-0 3 pts. They never really had a shot in Houston. Its just going to take some time before this club starts looking good.
14 (14) 1-2-0 3 pts. Starting to wonder when we’ll see another keeper in net for the Union here. I know they said Chris Seitz is their man but how many games will you let him be the reason for loss of points.
15 (15) 1-3-0 3 pts. All that change really did no good. At least the grass looks nice at BMO.
16 (16) 0-4-0 0 pts. Rough start for United here. Is it really Curt Onalfo to blame or someone higher up? Honestly its both.