MLS Weekend Thoughts and Notes: Week 4

MLS Weekend Thoughts and Notes: Week 4

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 19, 2010
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Edson Buddle continues to impress. ( Images)

This week’s recap will be a little short. I got thrown into a last minute meeting this morning at work so it took away time from my normal writing. Anyways its probably for the best since I only saw bits and pieces from this weekend’s action.

So far we’re four weeks in and its safe to say we know may a little more about the clubs than what we expected to at this point. Some things good and some things bad depending on who you are talking about here too. A couple clubs are hot out of the gate while others are stumbling.

1. Buddle Stays Hot

A funny thing, two weeks ago I wrote that Edson Buddle deserved a look at for the USMNT this summer. Some said it was a decent idea while others, many others, said it was a stupid idea or even one that doesn’t need discussed. Turns out more folks are coming around to the idea of Buddle being in the discussion after he netted his sixth and seventh goals of the season this weekend. Yes, he leads the league in goals while his teammate Landon Donovan carries the lead in the assist department.

I still have a feeling Buddle will not get a true look at from Bob Bradley though. It also doesn’t help that Herculez Gomez is lighting things up down in Mexico. At this point both deserve a good look from Bradley for June, hopefully at least one will make it.

2. Trouble In D.C.

One thing is clear…okay maybe more than one thing is clear about D.C. United right now. First of all Curt Onalfo is in way over his head at this point. Four games in and United has given up 11 goals while scoring just two. I’m not sure if it is a tactics point with Onalfo or just a pure lack of leadership that isĀ plaguingĀ the team. Something needs to change in a hurry or this could spiral out of control like New York did last year.

Anyone want to take bets on how long Onaflo will be manager this year? Should some management in the front office also be to blame too?

3. Red Bulls Look Ok, But Not Great

I want to like this New York club but I’ll tell you something about them still makes me believe they’re just another average club here. Just a hunch but if Hans Backe really can last more than a year (which is a miracle by New York standards with their coaching history), this club has some serious makings of being really good next year.

4. Toronto’s Issues

Here’s another club I want to like, hell, I think a few folks really want to like them but there are just too many issues with them. I think Julian de Guzman’s play this past weekend really showed that he doesn’t care to be in Toronto, or even in MLS. No doubt he’ll be in Preki’s growing doghouse this week. No matter how you spin it he is quickly putting himself in bad company in MLS history of expensive mistakes.

The bigger issue may come down to technical director Mo Johnston. I can’t see any way that the fans up there will put up with all the changes with this club and Johnston anymore. Got a feeling he’ll be feeling some serious heat in the coming weeks if things don’t turn around in a hurry.

5. Kansas City Is Much Better Than Expected

Boy were we all wrong about the Wizards in preseason. I’ll quickly be the first to admit that I was wrong about this club. Sure they picked up a road loss in Seattle over the weekend but believe me they were every bit as equal to the Sounders in that one, it was just a late break that the Sounders pounced on to get the three points.

A lot of credit needs to go to Peter Vermes for taking some risks and finding ways to make them pay off. The biggest thing is turning around a midfield that looked so bad a season ago. Adding parts like Ryan Smith and Stephane Auvray have really worked. I’d like to see more out of their offense going forward but so far its looking like this club will contend in 2010.

6. Butts-In-Seats Look

A decent weekend for the league but it’s not a good thing when a team from the second division (Portland) outdoes four clubs on the same weekend. Yes Portland did better at the gate than New York, Houston, Colorado and San Jose. Let’s be honest San Jose gets a slight pass for playing in a small stadium but the others not so much. Houston’s number I wouldn’t worry about but New York and Colorado’s turn some heads.

I get a little tired of all the excuses thrown out by Rapids fans (just like Dallas fans) but 9,000+ for a Sunday afternoon game is pretty weak. Sure there was other crap going on that weekend but not on that day or at the same time as that game.

As New York goes a 13,000 doesn’t seem too crazy considering the club also draws a lower gate for the second home game of the year. The sad part was seeing the supporter’s section be a little light.


  • Apr 19 2010
What was your prediction again Drewby on that SJ/Revs game? WHO-HOOOOOO---GO QUAKES! :) :) ;)
  • Apr 20 2010
wow, CG it's been a while! I'm sure you're happy with this nice winning streak.
  • Apr 20 2010
"A while" my foot you little Twitterbug! I tweeted you just recently. Not feelin' the love from you and Skippy lately lol. And where is he anyway? Hate to admit it but I kinda miss our Speedo-sportin' friend....kinda. ;)
  • Apr 21 2010
"A while" my foot you little Twitterbug! I tweeted you just recently. Not feelin' the love from you and Skippy lately lol. And where is he anyway? Hate to admit it but I kinda miss our Speedo-sportin' friend....kinda. ;)