Red Bulls Looking To Add Third DP Slot

Red Bulls Looking To Add Third DP Slot

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 14, 2010
  • Designated Player

It’s been sort of of a nutty day around the office for me but I couldn’t help not to talk about this bit of news off of the league’s website. Kristan Dyer is reporting for that the New York Red Bulls are looking into securing a third designated player slot becoming the first club to do so under the new expanded rules.

The source confirmed that the Red Bulls, who already have Juan Pablo Ángel as a designated player, have already begun the process of evaluating talent and players who could possibly fill the two DP slots available on the roster. According to the source, the Red Bulls are looking to add players who will help the club beyond the on-the-field performance — marquee names who would also help fill Red Bull Arena. “If you bring in a DP, it has to be one that really matters,” the source said. “It has to be both sides. The right kind of personality, the right kind for the media and the right for marketing. But for [New York], first and foremost, it’s about what happens on the pitch.”

We knew once the rule was expanded clubs like New York would jump on it first. No doubt they will looking to make a major splash this summer. Who can blame them really? Who they will be looking to add will be interesting to watch as well.

Question will now become for locals will the club be more like the Yankees or more like the Knicks?