WVH Rookie Watch: Schilawski Leads The Pack

WVH Rookie Watch: Schilawski Leads The Pack

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 13, 2010
  • 2010 Rookie Watch, Blair Gaven, Danny Mwanga, Dilly Duka, Ike Opara, Jack McInerney, Steven Beitashour, Teal Bunbury, Tim Ream, Zach Loyd

We speculated going into this season that the rookie class would possibly be as good as last year’s version. Three weeks into the season and I think it is safe to say these rookies so far are doing very well for themselves.

So far some of the rookies are producing very well and are getting quality minutes on the field. Some are going through some growing pains but more than likely we’ll see them show up before long here this season.

A couple rookies are already doing very well like we mentioned, New England’s Zach Schilawski light up Toronto FC with a hat trick last Saturday, while the 3rd overall pick Ike Opara netted a game winner on the road for San Jose in Chicago.

Doing Well and Producing

Zack Schilawski (New England) – As mentioned the Rev’s rookie strike light up Toronto with three goals. The second goal was as classy as anything I’ve seen out of a rookie in some time. Revs manager Steve Nicol has needed a goal scorer for a couple seasons now and it looks like Schilawski may be just the guy he was looking for.

Tim Ream (New York) – Ream has been a lot of folks favorite rookie thus far this year. He’s played in all three games so far for the Red Bulls and has brought a lot of stability to the defense that looked so shaky a season ago.

Ike Opara (San Jose) – This guy is something else, I’ll just say that. His goal against the Fire proved to be the difference but his presence on the field is starting to make the Quakes look a lot better defensively – just like we knew it would.

Blair Gaven (Chivas USA) – Not many folks are talking about Gaven but I noticed him more in the 2-0 win over New York than I had in previous games. He was steady and very good in the midfield for Chivas. Definitely a rookie to keep an eye on here.

Needs More Time But Will Be Solid

Teal Bunbury (Kansas City) – Having trouble breaking the starting lineup so far in KC but when the team is winning it doesn’t hurt too much. He’ll get his time under Peter Vermes too. With some US Open Cup games coming up he’ll get more PT to show his stuff.

Zach Loyd (FC Dallas) – Looked very steady in his first start for Dallas against Columbus. He held his own very nicely against one of the league’s best teams.

Toni Tchani (New York) – Haven’t seen a whole lot out of him just yet but once he works his way into the starting lineup we’ll see exactly why New York took him at number two.

Danny Mwanga (Philadelphia) – I think the experiment at center-mid is over for Mwanga and Peter Nowak. Let’s see how he does at his natural position, striker.

Some That No One Is Talking About

Seth Sinovic (New England) – Another gem for Steve Nicol. He’s played loads of minutes this season already and has really done wonders for the Revs in the back.

Michael Stephens (LA Galaxy) – Maybe a few have mentioned his name but off the bench this kid will eventually be a headache for other coaches.

Jack McInerney (Philadelphia) – We’ve seen bits and pieces out of Jack so far, but believe me this kid is something special. Its only going to be a matter of time before the rest of the league finds out.

Steven Beitashour (San Jose) – Playing a lot of solid minutes, very quietly under the radar out there by the Bay.

Still Waiting

Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia) – Hasn’t seen much or if any of the field yet. Thankfully for him its only been two games. I got a feeling he’ll break into the lineup soon enough.

Dilly Duka (Columbus) – Same as Okugo, not much to see here yet.