WVH MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

WVH MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 6, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 2

Week two was short but there was some solid movement in the Power Rankings this week. Not getting to see several clubs this week did make things a little more difficult but overall I feel pretty comfortable with these rankings right now.

I know some folks will have objections with the top part of it but really I’m a little more nervous to rate clubs like New York or Kansas City too high just yet. Should they start streaking and continue winning I’ll have no reason not to rate the higher.

LA inched closer to the top but in my book the Crew are top dogs for now. We expected LA to win their two games, but winning in Houston this week could vult them to the top, even if the Crew win in Dallas.

RSL dropped two spots for me to three, they could have fallen farther but I still think this club is good enough to be where they are right now. Had discipline not gotten in the way they would have easily stayed on top this week. Seattle also fell hard with their lack of scoring.

The bottom however stayed pretty much the same as last week. Clubs 13-16 just aren’t good, simple as that.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (2) 1-0-0 3 pts. Bye weeks bumps them up, I know a couple clubs sit higher in the standings and in the points but I still believe the Crew are the best side in the league, this weekend at Dallas should prove that.
2 (4) 2-0-0 6 pts. We expected the domination of Chivas but I want to see this club take it to the road, Houston will be a big time test for this bunch.
3 (1) 1-1-0 3 pts. Jamison Olave continues to be a dangerous player to have in the back. He’s a solid but he gives up too many stupid fouls.
4 (7) 2-0-0 6 pts. Probably the best defense I’ve seen this club play in a few years, if not more than that. I do worry about their offense though right now, two goals in two games isn’t setting the world on fire.
5 (10) 1-0-1 4 pts. The loss of Brian Ching really hurts them but they did look aggressive in the second half without him and got the win because of it.
6 (3) 1-1-0 3 pts. The lack of quality finishing that doomed them in 2009 is back in 2010. Their first big road test awaits them this week in one of the toughest places to play, Rio Tinto Stadium.
7 (6) 1-0-0 3 pts. Drop a spot in the bye-week but I wouldn’t be too worried about it Wizards fan, a big test looms this weekend as they host the Rapids.
8 (5) 1-0-1 4 pts. The Marvell Wynne experiment at center back should be over, its just not working out. Plus this club still hasn’t figured this consistent play thing out yet, starting to wonder if that is a coaching issue and not a player issue.
9 (11) 1-1-0 2 pts. Winning on the road without a big chunk of their core defense and midfield is impressive. But let’s give Steve Nicol some more credit, he continues to find gems in the draft and develop them. Seth Sinovic may be another gem.
10 (8) 0-1-1 1 pts. They played a little better offensively on Saturday against the Rapids than they did in their season opener, but a visit from San Jose this week though help sort out any issues in Carlos de los Cobos’ midfield.
11 (11) 0-1-0 0 pts. I’m more sold on this club’s defense than I am on their offense right now. Honestly I don’t know if that is a good thing yet.
12 (12) 0-1-0 0 pts. A couple changes in the off week. They hit the road again this weekend as they travel to New England. Unless Preki found a couple central defenders or another striker in the off week I can’t imagine they’ll pick up three points against the Revs.
13 (13) 0-2-0 0 pts. They get a New York team that has to stay out west for a second straight game, that may be enough for them to get at least their first goal of the year. How Maicon Santos missed that open goal is something I still can’t figure out.
14 (14) 0-2-0 0 pts. Where has the offense gone for this club? Just looks like an unorganized mess up there. Curt Onalfo isn’t doing too well in his new gig here, maybe its more his doing than the management who helped him bring in players this winter?
15 (15) 0-1-0 0 pts. Did the bye week help Frank Yallop’s side? Doubt that Scott Sealy signing will really do anything to help them out right away either. A hungry Chicago team awaits them in the season opener at Toyota Park.
16 (16) 0-1-0 0 pts. Very curious about their off week and what they did with it. Their home opener is this weekend against D.C., I have a feeling I’ll be moving this club up the rankings this time next week.