MLS Needs Policy On Head Injuries

MLS Needs Policy On Head Injuries

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 6, 2010
  • Concussions, Head Injuries

Honestly I found this amazing, a league in a sport that deals with many head injuries lacks a system-wide head injury protocol for it’s players. Currently as it stands if a player suffers a head injury it is up to the club’s doctors to decide when the player returns to the field. Head injuries carry a lot of gray area, but too often a player is back on the field before he is ready.

Sure we see fewer head injuries in Major League Soccer than we do in say the NFL but at least that league has something in place in regards to head injuries. In the NFL a recent change was made that requires a player to be monitored and cleared by an independent neurologist before returning the play.

We don’t see that in MLS and its something the league and the players need to look at quickly. We’d see less injuries to players like Alecko Eskandarian, Taylor Twellman and Chad Marshall with a system in place like one in the NFL.

A standard treatment guideline is important for player safety and their wellbeing after their careers are over. Players also need to police themselves better in this matter too, too often a player decides to go back to the pitch before he is ready.

Thankfully according to this article from the some clubs trainers in the league are taking matters into their own hands to prevent injured players from returning too soon.

But even that may not be enough for some players who could be back on the field before they should be. MLS needs to adopt a league-wide system for head injuries before its too late and something drastic happens on the field to someone.

This is something I feel pretty strong about here too as I’m someone who saw my soccer career get cut short due to head and neck injuries. I’ve mentioned before on here how I suffered a hand-full of head injuries in my playing and and I’m willing to bet at least once I was back on the field before I was actually ready. As players we’re training to shake injuries off as quickly as we can but with head injuries we never really know how long to recover from them.

Its astonishing that something isn’t already in place for a sport that requires no head gear.¬†Hopefully the league gets on board with someone soon.