WVH Power Rankings: Week 1

WVH Power Rankings: Week 1

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 30, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 1, MLS Power Rankings

Week one is in the books and really we learned only a few things about each club. We saw that KC and New York are a little better than we expected and that San Jose and Philadelphia are as bad as we thought they’d be. Everything else is a mess in the middle for now.

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Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 1-0-0 3 pts. A big win on the road to start the year, you can count on this club not being a fluke champion this year.
2 (3) 1-0-0 3 pts. Big time opening day for the Crew, controlled the pace of the game and found some solid attack thanks once again to Guillermo Barros Schleotto.
3 (4) 1-0-0 3 pts. Seattle didn’t have to look outstanding last week against Philadelphia but they did look good in some areas. Still don’t see a sophomore slump in this bunch, especially when guys like Steve Zakunai are stepping up.
4 (2) 1-0-0 3 pts. Dropped a bit here but their attack looked only so-so against a club who really had a rough looking midfield to go through. Landon Donovan and company will only get better though from here.
5 (9) 1-0-0 3 pts. Too bad Omar Cummings isn’t American (he’s Jamacian). I’ve followed this kid since he was at Cinncinati, always knew he had some special talent. He got the Rapids off to the start they needed.
6 (13) 1-0-0 3 pts. So this make-over did do some good after all. Ryan Smith looks like a total gem of a find for Peter Vermes too.
7 (14) 1-0-0 3 pts. Maybe I was wrong about ranking them so low to start the year but honestly we should have expected that result to start the year. Right now though I don’t see this club going any higher unless they pull off a bunch of wins in a row. In other words I’m not yet a believer here.
8 (7) 0-1-0 0 pts. Played the best of any team that lost this week. Collins John is a total handfull too, can’t wait to see more of this kid.
9 (8) 0-0-1 1 pts. The team looked alright, the crowd on the other hand was ugly. Only 8K on a beauiful sunny day in Texas? Sad folks.
10 (5) 0-0-1 1 pts. Geoff Cameron’s debut in the center of the park wasn’t bad but it also didn’t set the world on fire. He created a couple chances but really never got the flow of the offense going. Plus Houston has more issues up top with Luis Angel Landin, he’s looking more and more like a Denilsen type DP.
11 (10) 0-1-0 0 pts. You miss nearly half of your main starters and only lose by a single goal on the road isn’t a terrible way to start. This club will be a handfull this season, no matter who they start.
12 (12) 0-1-0 0 pts. They need to figure out their defense quickly. I think offensively it will come but until they get a good center back in charge they will continue to give up crap goals.
13 (6) 0-1-0 0 pts. Now they need to sort out their offense here quickly. They looked out of sync and really had no plan against Colorado.
14 (11) 0-1-0 0 pts. The 4-0 loss to KC reminded me of Curt Onalfo’s last game as manager of the Wizards (a 6-0 blowout loss to Dallas).
15 (14) 0-1-0 0 pts. Pitful start, if there wasn’t an expansion side on the board that didn’t play well in the opening week they’d be at the bottom. Starting to think if it doesn’t turn around quickly we’ll see a new boss in charge by June there.
16 0-1-0 0 pts. I like this Roger Torres kid but other than that I didn’t get Peter Nowak’s lineup at all. Danny Mwanga at center-mid? Are you kidding me, he’s a striker! I know it was make-shift to make up for missing parts but seriously, he’s a striker.