Who Won The CBA?

Who Won The CBA?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 22, 2010

One thing we learned Saturday afternoon when the league and it’s players came together to sign the new CBA was that the details were still being ironed out. During the Q&A with the reporters MLS commissioner Don Garber had to repeat his message that the details would be finished soon but rest assured the CBA was done.

But even as of today there are few details on the matter. We knew little such as compensation would increase, players’ rights would increase and movement for players would be easier. The number of guaranteed contracts will be going up is a big way as well.

However Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America seemed to unearth some of those details this morning. At least what he was able to find was what the salary cap would be and how player compensation would be in 2010.

According to Mahoney, for 2010, the salary cap will be $2.55 million per team (it was $2.32 million in 2009) and the minimum salary for non-developmental players is $40,000 ($34,000 in 2009). Each will increase at a basic five percent per year, though for older players the minimum will be greater. At that growth rate, the salary cap will be approximately $3.1 million in the final year of the CBA, and the minimum will be slightly more than $46,000.

Now that is a start if you’re asking me. I believe a while back it was reported the salary cap would go up to or around that $2.55 mark.

We’re still waiting to see the final details of this re-entry draft as they are calling it when a player’s contract runs out with a team. No doubt they will have to iron out those details to be able to explain it to everyone one. But then again it is MLS after all so I’m sure the details won’t be too easy to follow like the allocation and lottery systems.

As more details come out I will fill you in as best as I can. But at the end of the day I believe the fans are the biggest winners of all, because they get a new season this week. It was in a small way because of the fans that the two sides got a deal done I think. With all the growing supporter’s groups around the league I believe deep down that the owners and players knew they had a lot of people to figure something out for.

Yes it was about player rights and more money at the end of it but really it was about growing the league for the fans and the future fans of the game. After all without the fans is there really a league here?

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